10 Facts about Ritchie Valens

Post On: June 10, 2017

Facts about Ritchie Valens tell us about the famous American singer. He was born on 13th May 1941 and died on 3rd February 1959. He was also known as a guitarist and songwriter. People recognized his Chicano rock music. He was a leading figure in rock & roll music. However, his sudden death in a plane crash ended his recording career. Let us find out other interesting facts about Valens below:

Facts about Ritchie Valens 1: the hit song

“ La Bamba” was the hit song from Valens. He was inspired from the folk song of Mexico. In 1958, the song was a smashing hit after he presented the song in a rock rhythm and beat.

Facts about Ritchie Valens

Facts about Ritchie Valens

Facts about Ritchie Valens 2: a leading figure

He was called as a leading figure in the Spanish-speaking rock and roll music.

Facts about Ritchie Valens 3: the death of Valens

The death of Valens along with his fellow members has been known as “the Day of the Music Died”. They died on 3 February 1959 in a plane crash. The people who died in the accident were the pilot Roger Peterson, Valens, J.P. Richardson and Buddy Holly.

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Ritchie Valens Facts

Ritchie Valens Facts

Facts about Ritchie Valens 4: the posthumous honor

In 2001, his name was inducted at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was considered as a posthumous honor for him.

Facts about Ritchie Valens 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of Valens was located in Pacoima, Los Angeles. His birth name was Richard Steven Valenzuela.

Facts about Ritchie Valens 6: parents

His mother was Concepcion Reyes. His father was Joseph Steven Valenzuela. He had five siblings.

Facts about Ritchie Valens 7: the early influences

When he grew up, Valens frequently, heard the jump blues, R&B, flamenco guitar and Mexican mariachi music, which influenced his musical career.

Ritchie Valens

Ritchie Valens

Facts about Ritchie Valens 8: the internet of music

He had developed the interest of music since he was a child. At the age of five, he was interested to create his own music.

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Facts about Ritchie Valens 9: the musical instrument

At first, Valens focused on trumpet and guitar after being encouraged by his father. Later, he decided to learn more about drums. He was capable to master the right-handed instruments even though he was left handed.

Ritchie Valens Pictures

Ritchie Valens Pictures

Facts about Ritchie Valens 10: the plane crash

Valens died at the age of 17 due to the plane crash in 1959. His remains were buried at San Fernando Mission Cemetery, California.

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