10 Facts about River Amazon

Post On: June 11, 2017
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Facts about River Amazon will tell the readers about the world’s largest river by discharge volume of water. It is located in South America. Some authors state that River Amazon is the longest one in the world. The most distant source of River Amazon is from Apurímac River on Nevado Mismi. The average discharge of River Amazon is around 7,400,000 cubic feet per second or 209,000 cu metres per second. Let us check other impressive facts about River Amazon to notice:

Facts about River Amazon 1: the largest drainage basin

The world’s largest drainage basin in the world is located at Amazon basin. It covers the area of 2,270,000 square miles or 7,050,000 sq km.

Facts about River Amazon 2: the Amazonian society

The Amazonian society was famous with the agrarian system in South American highland. It was developed during the formative stage.

Facts about River Amazon

Facts about River Amazon

Facts about River Amazon 3: the early settlement

The early settlement was located at the mounds and low-lying hills, which developed into the bigger civilization.

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Facts about River Amazon 4: the archeological mounds

The Amazon region featured five types of archeological mound. They are the earth mounds and ridges used for cultivating plants.  The next one was the shell refuse and artificial mounds.  Others include figurative mounds, and causeways and canals.

River Amazon Image

River Amazon Image

Facts about River Amazon 5: the earliest evidence

The earliest evidence of the human occupation on the Amazonian societies is the shell mounds. Most of them were dated back in 7500 to 4000 years BP.

Facts about River Amazon 6: the indigenous societies

The presence of complex indigenous societies was spotted around River Amazon.  The large cities and towns were also developed by the chiefdoms.

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Facts about River Amazon 7: the population of indigenous people

The population of indigenous people reached over 3 million people around River Amazon according to an estimation of archeologists.

Facts about River Amazon 8: the Amazon basin

The largest basin in the world is located at Amazon basin. It covers 40 percent of the area in South America. It spans on the area of 2,722,020 square miles or 7,050,000 sq km.

River Amazon

River Amazon

Facts about River Amazon 9: the forest

The primary characteristic of River Amazon is spotted on the heavy forested area. During the rainy season, it will be filled with flood.

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Facts about River Amazon 10: the height of river

The height of River Amazon will be increased up to 30 feet or 9 m during the rainy season. It leads into flood on the forested area.

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