10 Facts about River Danube

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The second longest river in Europe is explained on Facts about River Danube. The first one is Volga River. The location of River Danube is shared between Central Europe and Eastern Europe. During the Roman Empire, River Danube was called as the long-standing frontier. The passage of the river is spotted in ten countries. The origin of River Danube is located in Germany. The water will be emptied at Black Sea. River Danube is considered as an international waterway.

Facts about River Danube 1: the countries passed by River Danube

River Danube was passed by at least 10 countries.  Almost 29 percent of the basin area is located in Romania. The river also flows or touches the border of other countries like Croatia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova, Austria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, and Germany.

Facts about River Danube 2: the drainage basin

The drainage basin of River Danube is also located in nine other countries like Italy, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Poland, Republic of Macedonia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, and Albania.

River Danube Pictures

River Danube Pictures

Facts about River Danube 3: how to access the river

The river and its tributaries are accessible by using the shallow-draught boats and barges.

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Facts about River Danube 4: sectioning

River Danube has three sections. Those are Lower Section, Middle Section and Upper Section.   The former one spans for spring to Devin Gate.

River Danube

River Danube

Facts about River Danube 5: the ship

There are two primary ships used to navigate River Danube.  If you access it from Kelheim, Bavaria, Germany, use the river ships. If you are interested to reach Brăila in Romania from Black Sea, use ocean ships.

Facts about River Danube 6: an important route

River Danube is considered as an important route. One of the 10 Pan-European transport corridors was located in River Danube in 1994. For the next 10 to 15 years, it had been a part of the main investment.

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Facts about River Danube 7: the goods

In 1987, Danube is considered as a major transportation for goods.  The amount of goods reached 100 million tons.

Facts about River Danube 8: Kosovo War

During the Kosovo War, three bridges located in Serbia were bombed by NATO in 1999. It led into the difficulty to access Danube River.

Facts about River Danube

Facts about River Danube

Facts about River Danube 9: the artificial waterways

Danube-Black Sea Canal, Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal and the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal are the three primary Danube artificial waterways. The latter one connected the North Sea to Black Sea, which has the length of 106 miles or 171 kilometers.

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Facts about River Danube 10: the largest river delta

The largest river delta in European Union is located in Danube Delta.

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