10 Facts about River Ganges

Post On: June 12, 2017
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Facts about River Ganges impress us with a trans-boundary river, which flows in India and Bangladesh. According to the discharge, River Ganges is the 3rd largest river. The Hindus consider it as the most sacred river. The people who live around the river depends their life on the presence of River Ganges. In Hinduism, the goddess Ganga is worshiped in the river. Get other interesting facts about River Ganges below:

Facts about River Ganges 1: the banks of the river

The banks of River Ganges had been a home for the famous imperial or provincial capitals such as Bhagalpur, Pataliputra, Prayag, Kampilya and Kannauj.

Facts about River Ganges 2: pollution

The primary problem in River Ganges is pollution. In 2007, it took the fifth place as the most polluted river in the world. The Ganges river dolphins are threatened along with 90 amphibian’s species and 140 fish species. The life of human being is also concerned due to the polluted river.

Facts about River Ganges

Facts about River Ganges

Facts about River Ganges 3: an environmental initiative

An environmental initiative has been enacted by the government with Ganga Action Plan to clean the river. However, this initiate was not successful.

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Facts about River Ganges 4: the failed plan

The failed plan was caused by some reasons such as the low level of support from the religious officials, poor environmental planning, lack of expertise and corruption.

River Ganges Facts

River Ganges Facts

Facts about River Ganges 5: irrigation

Since the ancient period, the people have used the water from Yamuna River and Ganges River for irrigating their farms.

Facts about River Ganges 6: the gangetic plain

In the 4th century BCE, the gangetic plain was often featured the canals and dams.

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Facts about River Ganges 7: economy

Agriculture is one of the important economic sources in India and Bangladesh due to the fertile soil located at Ganges Basin.

Facts about River Ganges 8: the primary crops

The primary crops found at River Ganges are wheat, potatoes, oil seeds, lentils, sugarcane and rice.

River Ganges

River Ganges

Facts about River Ganges 9: tourism

Another important activity in River Ganges is related to tourism. Thousands of pilgrims are interested to dip their body inside Ganges by visiting the holy towns for Hinduism of Varanasi, Prayag and Haridwar.

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Facts about River Ganges 10: the rapids of Ganges

During summer months, the people who like adventures will do river rafting at the rapids of the Ganges.

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