10 Facts about River Indus

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Facts about River Indus tell the readers about the major river in South Asia. It is one of the Asia’s longest rivers with the length of 1,988 miles or 3,610 kilometers. The course of the river flows along India and Pakistan. In the latter country, it serves as the national river of Pakistan. The total drainage of River Indus is more than 450,000 square miles or 1,165,000 km square. Why don’t you check the following post below for details about River Indus?

Facts about River Indus 1: the annual flows

The annual flows of River Indus are 58 cubic miles or 243-kilometer cubic. It is twice bigger than that of Nile River.

Facts about River Indus 2: the main tributaries

The primary tributaries of River Indus are the Sutlej, the Beas, the Ravi, and the Jhelum.

Facts about River Indus

Facts about River Indus

Facts about River Indus 3:  the right bank tributaries

The Kurram, Gomal, Kabul, Gilgit and Shyok are the major right bank tributaries.

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Facts about River Indus 4: the ecosystem

The arid countryside and temperate forest are the two major types of ecosystem supported by River Indus.

River Indus Facts

River Indus Facts

Facts about River Indus 5: the importance of River Indus

River Indus is considered as an important river not only today but also in the classical period. That is why it is entitled as a source of wonder. In 510 BC, Scylax of Caryanda was the Greek subject of King Darius of Persia who had a job to explore River Indus.

Facts about River Indus 6: the economy of Pakistan

The economy of Pakistan is contributed due to the presence of Indus River for it provides the source of water. Punjab Province depends the water source from Indus River. There is no need to wonder that the agricultural production of Punjab makes up for the national need.

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Facts about River Indus 7: the word Punjab

Punjab means land of five rivers.  The Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenab, and Jhelum are the five rivers housed in Punjab. All of them will flow into River Indus.

Facts about River Indus 8: tributaries

River Indus has a number of tributaries. They include Suru River, Jhelum River, Gomal River, Chenab River, Beas River, Swat River, Soan River, Zhob River, and Soan River.

River Indus

River Indus

Facts about River Indus 9: the forest

A forest covered the region of River Indus according to an account of Indus Valley. However, the human interference and excessive deforestation lead into the reduction of forest.

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Facts about River Indus 10: agriculture

Agriculture is flourished along River Indus because of irrigation.

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