10 Facts about River Phoenix

Post On: July 11, 2017

Facts about River Phoenix will tell you about an American actor. He was born on 23rd August 1970 and died on 31st October 1993 as River Jude Bottom. He was known more as River Jude Phoenix. His famous siblings were Summer Phoenix, Liberty Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix and Rain Phoenix. People recognized him as a teen idol due to her impressive appearances in 24 films and TV.  Let us get other interesting facts about River Phoenix by checking the following post below:

Facts about River Phoenix 1: the acting career

Phoenix started his career as a star since he was 10 years old. He appeared in TV commercials.

Facts about River Phoenix 2: films

Phoenix was involved in the production of Explorers (1985). It was a science fiction adventure movie.  His work on a coming-of-age film under the title Stand by Me released in 1986 earned him a prominent role. The movie was created based on The Body by Stephen King.

Facts about River Phoenix

Facts about River Phoenix

Facts about River Phoenix 3: adult-oriented roles

In Running on Empty (1988), Phoenix decided to focus on the adult role. It made his transition from the teen to adult role.

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Facts about River Phoenix 4: the role in Running on Empty

He made a major breakthrough with Running on Empty (1988) since the critics were amazed with his acting. He played as a role as a son of fugitive parents. During to his acting, he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor during the Academy Award.

River Phoenix Facts

River Phoenix Facts

Facts about River Phoenix 5: other work

River depicted a gay hustler who tried to find his estranged mother in My Own Private Idaho (1991).  This role made him earned Best Actor from the National Society of Film Critics and a Volpi Cup for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival.

Facts about River Phoenix 6: the death of Phoenix

Phoenix died at the age of 23 on 31 October 1993 due to a drug overdose. This actor could not resume filming Dark Blood (1993) due to his sudden death.

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Facts about River Phoenix 7: the early life

Phoenix was the son of John Lee Bottom and Arlyn Dunetz. The birthplace of Phoenix was located in Madras, Oregon.

Facts about River Phoenix 8: the name

His parents named him river after the river of life in Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse.

River Phoenix

River Phoenix

Facts about River Phoenix 9: the poor family

The family of Phoenix was poor. He was raised in a small suburb of Gainesville, Micanopy, Florida.

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Facts about River Phoenix 10: formal education

During his life, Phoenix was never enrolled in any formal education.

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