10 Facts about River Pollution

Post On: July 12, 2017

Facts about River Pollution explain the contamination, which takes place in the rivers. It is a type of water pollution. Actually, it can be seen in other bodies of water like aquifers, oceans, and groundwater. The river is often used by the people surrounding the area to dump pollutants. The compounds are harmful for the life of human beings. Let us check other interesting facts about River Pollution below:

Facts about River Pollution 1: the negative effect

River pollution gives negative impact on the biosphere. The living organisms like the animals and plants, which live in the river, will be affected. The biological communities in the river will be damaged by the pollution.

Facts about River Pollution 2: the contaminants

The contaminants, which may cause into river pollution, include pathogens and chemicals. The discoloration and increased temperature are the major characteristics in the physical changes of polluted rivers.

Facts about River Pollution

Facts about River Pollution

Facts about River Pollution 3: the concentration of pollutants

It is common to spot natural pollutants in the river. The concentration will determine whether the river is polluted or not. If the pollutants have the low concentration, the river will be able to regulate it. On the other hand, the high concentration of pollution makes the river unhealthy.

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Facts about River Pollution 4: the physical chemistry

The physical chemistry of water in the river is affected by the pollution. The sign can be seen from its changes on temperature, electrical conductivity, and acidity.

River Pollution Pic

River Pollution Pic

Facts about River Pollution 5: an indicator of water pollution

An indicator of water pollution is spotted from the presence of Coliform bacteria.

Facts about River Pollution 6: the human health problems

Human beings may have health problems if they consume the water in the rivers, which contain Salmonella, Burkholderia pseudomallei, Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium parvum.

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Facts about River Pollution 7: the on-site sanitation system

The on-site sanitation system located near the river will lead into the development of high level of pathogens.

Facts about River Pollution 8: the less developed countries

It is common to spot a sewage plant located near the river in less developed countries.

River Pollution South Asia

River Pollution South Asia

Facts about River Pollution 9: the organic water pollutants

The food processing waste, disinfection and detergents are some organic water pollutants found in the river.

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Facts about River Pollution 10: chemical compounds

The fuel oil, jet fuel, diesel fuel and gasoline are some fuels, which may contaminate the river. They are included as chemical compounds. The industrial discharge like sulfur dioxide may affect the acidity of the river. The food processing waste makes the river contain high level of ammonia.

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