10 Facts about Rixton

Post On: July 23, 2017
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One of the favorite bands from England is explained on Facts about Rixton. It was formed in 2012 in Manchester. This British pop rock band was originally established as Relics. Then it altered the name of the band into Rixton. Scooter Braun’s SB Projects signed the band for a record deal.  Their international debut single was “Me and My Broken Heart”. Why don’t you look at the following post for details about Rixton?

Facts about Rixton 1: the members

Lewi Morgan, Charley Bagnall, Danny Wilkin and Jake Roche are the members of Rixton.

Facts about Rixton 2: who is Jake Roche?

Have you ever known the family background of Jake Roche? His parents are Coleen Nolan and Shane Richie. The latter one is an actor, while the former one is a former member of the Nolans.

Rixton Band

Rixton Band

Facts about Rixton 3: establishing a band

Jake and Wilkin collaborated after both left school. The next member who joined the band was Charley Bagnall. They knew each other through mutual friends. The last member who joined the band was Lewi Morgan.

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Facts about Rixton 4: the initial popularity

Rixton earned the initial popularity after posting cover versions on Youtube.

Facts about Rixton

Facts about Rixton

Facts about Rixton 5: covers of songs

Rixton had created various covers of songs.  Roche decided to cover the song of The Nolans after he had heard the band.  His mother was a former member of The Nolans.

Facts about Rixton 6:   the EP

In August 2013, Rixton reached New York City after the band was signed by Braun where they recorded “Me and My Broken Heart, and “Let the Road”. Both songs were included in Rixton’s debut album. Benny Blanco was the producer of album.

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Facts about Rixton 7: the widespread attention

“Make Out” was the song of Rixton, which earned the band widespread attention. In October 22nd, 2013, the video was released. However, it was not included as an official single.

Facts about Rixton 8: the debut single

On March 11th, 2014, “Me and My Broken Heart” was released as the debut single of Rixton. In United Kingdom chart, it took number 1.



Facts about Rixton 9: the first extended play

On 18th March 2014, the first extended play of Rixton was released under the same title of the debut single.

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Facts about Rixton 10: public activities

Rixton was involved in a pop up gig during their time in New York City. They will participate in the Honeymoon Tour for Ariana Grande as the opening band.

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