10 Facts about Riyadh

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Facts about Riyadh tell the readers with the capital city of Saudi Arabia. It also serves as the most populous city in the country. It is occupied by more than 6 million people. Mayor of Riyadh is the head of Municipality of Riyadh. It has 15 municipal districts. Faisal bin Bandar Al Saud is the governor of the Province who manages Development Authority of Riyadh. It earns the status as a global city. Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Sultan is the current mayor of Riyadh. Here are other interesting facts about Riyadh to notice:

Facts about Riyadh 1: the branch municipalities

There will be a number of districts in each municipality in Riyadh. It has 14 branch municipalities and 130 districts. Al-Shimal, Al-Shemaysi, Al-Shifa, Al-Neseem and Al-Selayy are some branch municipalities.

Facts about Riyadh 2:  the commercial area

The commercial area of Riyadh is located in Olaya District. The visitors can enjoy various shopping, dining, entertainment and accommodation options when visiting Riyadh.

Facts about Riyadh

Facts about Riyadh

Facts about Riyadh 3: the notable landmarks

The notable landmarks are centered in Al Faisalyah and Al-Tahlya Street.  If you are interested to know the oldest part of Riyadh, you just have to go to Al-Bathaa and Al-Dir’iyyah.

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Facts about Riyadh 4: the climate

The climate of Riyadh is hot desert. The extreme hot season occurs during the summer months. In August, it has the highest temperature at 43.6 degrees Celsius. The winter season is windy and cool. The little precipitation occurs in summer. In March and April, it has sufficient amount of rainfall.

Riyadh Facts

Riyadh Facts

Facts about Riyadh 5: dust storm

Dust storm is a common phenomenon in Riyadh.  The thick dust disrupts the visibility of the people. During the dust storms, the visibility is less than 33 feet or 10 meters.

Facts about Riyadh 6: a massive dust storm

Riyadh was affected by a massive dust storm on first and 2nd April 2015. The domestic and international flights were canceled. Moreover, the schools were also closed.

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Facts about Riyadh 7: population

In 1935, Riyadh was a home for 40,000 people. In 1949, it was occupied by 83,000 individuals. The population growth of Riyadh was in high rate over the years. In 1960s, it was inhabited by 150,000 people. The current source states that it is a home for more than five million people.

Facts about Riyadh 8: the Saudi and non Saudi families

Around 35 percent of the total population was the non-Saudi families. The remaining 65 percent of the population were the Saudi families according to 2010 census.



Facts about Riyadh 9: the most famous landmark

Masmak fort is considered as the most famous landmark in Riyadh.

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Facts about Riyadh 10: the historic palaces

The Shamsiya Palace, Prince Muhammad bin Abdul-Rahman, Al-Murabba Palace and Musmak Palace are the historic palaces in the city.

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