10 Facts about RL Stine

Post On: July 25, 2017

One of the bestselling authors in the world is explained on Facts about RL Stine. His real name is Robert Lawrence Stone. He was born on 8 October 1943.  Sometimes, people call him Eric Affabee or Jovial Bob Stine. He is known as a screenwriter, novelist, TV producer, executive editor and short story writer. His books are very popular. He is often cited as the Stephen King for children’s literature. Let me show you other unique facts about RL Stine below:

Facts about RL Stine 1: the famous books of RL Stine

If you are a big fan of this author, you must know his famous books. They include The Nightmare Room series, Mostly Ghostly, Rotten School, Goosebumps and Fear Street.  He has written hundreds of horror fiction novels.

Facts about RL Stine 2: the sales

The sales of RL Stine books have reached more than 40 million copies in the world.

R. L. Stine

R. L. Stine

Facts about RL Stine 3: other works

Other prominent works of RL Stine include Hark gamebooks, Space Cadets trilogy and joke books.

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Facts about RL Stine 4: Jovial Bob Stine

Jovial Bob Stine is another pen name for RL Stine. He uses the name for the credit of his humor books for kids. Bananas is the title of a humor magazine established by Stine.

R. L. Stine Signature

R. L. Stine Signature

Facts about RL Stine 5: Bananas

In 1975 until 1984, Scholastic Press published Bananas for 72 issues.  The magazine was intended for the young teenagers.

Facts about RL Stine 6: income

The income of RL Stine was $41 million for the fiscal year according to Forbes, which placed him at the 36th list for 40 best paid Entertainers in 1996/1997.

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Facts about RL Stine 7: the bestselling author

RL Stine was called as the bestselling author by USA Today in 1990s for three consecutive years.

Facts about RL Stine 8: awards

RL Stine is a recipient of various awards. He had received Disney Adventures Kids’ Choice Award for Best Book-Mystery/Horror for three times. From the Free Public Library of Philadelphia awarded him with Champion of Reading Award in 2002.

RL Stine Pic

RL Stine Pic

Facts about RL Stine 9: Guinness Book of World Records

His name was cited as the best-selling children-book series author of all time in Guinness Book of World Records in 2003.

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Facts about RL Stine 10: personal life

His wife worked as a writer and editor. Her name is Jane Waldhorn. The couple married on 22nd June 1969. On 7 June 1980, they were blessed with the only child Matthew.

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