10 Facts about Roaches

Post On: August 6, 2017

Facts about Roaches give the details about insects in order Blattodea. Termites are also the member of the order. The human habitat is always associated with around 30 species of cockroaches even though it has around 4.600 species. Four species of them are considered pests for human beings. Roaches are not new animals for they have been on earth since 320 million years ago during the Carboniferous period. Let us get other unique facts about roaches below:

Facts about Roaches 1: adaptations

The adaptations of roaches are not special. They are included as generalized insects. However, the animals have the ability to live in different kinds of environment. The hardy insects are common to spot among human beings.

Facts about Roaches 2: the size

The sizes of roaches, which live in temperate regions, are smaller compared to the tropical roaches. The modern species actually have bigger size than the predecessors do.

Facts about Roaches

Facts about Roaches

Facts about Roaches 3: social structure

The social structure of some roaches is complex. It is spotted on the gregarious German cockroaches, which employ kin recognition, information transfer, social dependence and common shelter.

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Facts about Roaches 4: in human culture

Roaches are not new in human culture. It has been depicted since the classical antiquity.

Roaches Facts

Roaches Facts

Facts about Roaches 5: the popular depiction

Roaches are known as dirty pest according to its popular belief. However, many species of roaches live in various environments in the world without being offensive to the human habitat.

Facts about Roaches 6: the heaviest roaches

Australian giant burrowing cockroach is considered as the heaviest one without the weight of 1.1 oz or 30 gram and length of 3.5 inches or 9 cm.

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Facts about Roaches 7: the longest one

Megaloblatta longipennis is considered as the longest cockroach. It has the length around 3.8 inches.

Facts about Roaches 8: the largest wingspan

The record of the largest wingspan of roaches is taken by Megaloblatta blaberoides. It is measured at 7.3 inches or 185 mm.



Facts about Roaches 9: the common physical appearance

The common physical appearance of roaches is spotted on the flattened body, dark brown body color and small head.

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Facts about Roaches 10: distribution

Roaches are widely distributed in various parts of the world. They can be found in subtropics and tropics. The cold temperature is not a big deal for roaches. They are capable to survive with the temperature up to -122 degrees F by using antifreeze feature.

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