10 Facts about Road Safety

Post On: August 7, 2017

Facts about Road Safety talk about the important methods to prevent injuries and death on the people who access roads.  The vehicle passengers, motorists, pedestrians, drivers and cyclists are the common road users. The public transportation such as trams and buses are also occupied by the passengers. Serious injury and death are the common impacts, which will occur when a road user is engaged in a crash. Let us check other unique facts about road safety below:

Facts about Road Safety 1: level of protection

The level of protection will determine the type of threshold, which will affect the road users in a crash.

Facts about Road Safety 2: the level of road safety

Road safety is divided in three levels. The highest one focuses on the consideration of all key result areas. The real time risk reduction is spotted at the second level. Specific warning will be provided for the road users. The road design standards are employed at the third level.\

Facts about Road Safety

Facts about Road Safety

Facts about Road Safety 3: the death toll

The death toll caused by the road related accident affected one million people according to the report of WHO.

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Facts about Road Safety 4:  the report in 2004

Around 1.2 million people died on the road according to estimation by WHO in 2004. The number of injured people due to the traffic collisions was around 50 million people.

Road Safety Pic

Road Safety Pic

Facts about Road Safety 5: the major cause of death

Do you know that the major cause of death for the kids at the age of 10 to 19 years old is road accident?

Facts about Road Safety 6: the speed

The speed of vehicle affects the modern road safety measure.  Death and severe injuries related to traffic accident will be decreased if all vehicles employ the speed within the human tolerance.

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Facts about Road Safety 7: how to measure

It will be difficult to measure the probability of death if the sudden and severe deceleration or acceleration is the primary cause of injury.

Facts about Road Safety 8: the contributing factors

The contributing factors, which increase the number of road related accidents, are affected by the road itself, vehicle and driver.

Road Safety

Road Safety

Facts about Road Safety 9: the road

The condition of the road may affect the safety too. The poor roadside clean zones and lack of sign distance may increase the risk.

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Facts about Road Safety 10: vehicle

The failure on the throttle, steering and brake may also increase the risk of having road accident.

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