10 Facts about Road Salt

Post On: August 8, 2017

Facts about Road Salt tell you about NaCl. People also call it halite or salt. The ratio of sodium and chloride ions is 1:1 on this ionic compound. The seawater is saline due to the presence of sodium chloride. It is mainly used for preserving food or a condiment in the form of table salt or edible salt. It is also employed as feedstock for chemical syntheses in many industries.

Facts about Road Salt 1: the natural form

Halite or rock salt is a term to call the natural form of salt. The seawater contains large amount of salt.

Facts about Road Salt 2: the amount of salt

The amount of salt in an open ocean is around 1.2 oz or 35 grams of solids per liter.  In other word, we can say that it has the degree of salinity at 3.5 percent.

Facts about Road Salt

Facts about Road Salt

Facts about Road Salt 3: the importance of salt

Salt is important for the life of human being and other living organisms in the world. The tissues of plants and animals have higher level of salt. One of the basic human tastes is saltiness.

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Facts about Road Salt 4: cooking process

Salt is very important in the cooking process for it has been used for centuries during the food preservation and food seasoning.  The salt processing was traced back 8,000 years ago according to the first known evidence.

Road Salt Facts

Road Salt Facts

Facts about Road Salt 5: the importance of salt in ancient era

The Indians, Egyptians, Byzantines, Romans, Greeks, Hebrews and Hittites considered salt as a valuable material.

Facts about Road Salt 6: the value of salt

Salt was a valuable material during the ancient period. The camel caravans would be used to transport salt along the Sahara. The salt roads were also established.

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Facts about Road Salt 7: the wars

The wars took place because of salt since people needed it. The scarcity of salt led into the war.

Facts about Road Salt 8: the edible salt

The iodized version is found in the edible salt. The iodine deficiency will be prevented by consuming salt. Moreover, the anti caking agent is found in table salt and sea salt.

Road Salt

Road Salt

Facts about Road Salt 9: the excessive consumption of salt

Even though salt is important in our body, it may lead into some health diseases if it is consumed excessively. Hypertension is common for adults and kids who consume high level of salt.

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Facts about Road Salt 10: the consumption of salt

It is recommended for the adults to consume less than 5 gram of salt per day.

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