10 Facts about Roaring Twenties

Post On: August 11, 2017

Facts about Roaring Twenties talk about an era in 1920s, which depicted the western culture and western society. It affected the big cities like Sydney, Paris, New York City, Los Angeles, London, Berlin and Chicago. The unique culture edge was spotted during the Roaring Twenties. The period was recognized as “années folles” in French Third Republic. In English, it means “Crazy Years”.  Check other unique facts about Roaring Twenties below:

Facts about Roaring Twenties 1: the characteristics

Roaring Twenties were characterized by the cultural, artistic and social dynamism. The American and British women redefined their look by becoming flappers. The musical genre, which flourished during the era, was jazz music.

Facts about Roaring Twenties 2: technology

Technology flourished during Roaring Twenties.  People began to use radio, created motion pictures, installed telephones, drove automobiles and had electric appliances. The new business, which appeared during the era, was aviation business.

Facts about Roaring Twenties

Facts about Roaring Twenties

Facts about Roaring Twenties 3: the media

The life of movie stars, sports heroes and celebrities was the primary subject scrutinized by the media. The culture and lifestyle of the people changed due to the rapid growth of economy, which led into the increase of consumer demand.

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Facts about Roaring Twenties 4: the right to vote

The role of women in the society was increased during Roaring Twenties. They were granted with the right to vote in many democratic states.

Roaring Twenties Facts

Roaring Twenties Facts

Facts about Roaring Twenties 5: United States

The world of finance was mainly dominated by United States, which appeared as a major economic power.

Facts about Roaring Twenties 6: the spirit of Roaring Twenties

Do you know the spirit of Roaring Twenties? People tried to break the old tradition and spread modernity.

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Facts about Roaring Twenties 7:  Jazz Age

Roaring Twenties is often called as Jazz Age because of the rise of Jazz. This musical genre was popular at that time.

Facts about Roaring Twenties 8: the end of the period

The Great Depression ended the powerful Roaring Twenties due to the Wall Street Crash in 1929.  The new era then was marked with economic hardship.

Roaring Twenties

Roaring Twenties

Facts about Roaring Twenties 9: automotive

Before the First World War, automobile was included as a luxury good. During the Roaring Twenties, people can enjoy automobile because it was mass-produced.

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Facts about Roaring Twenties 10: the media

An important medium in Roaring Twenties was radio. It was used to spread news.

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