10 Facts about Rob Ryan

Post On: August 9, 2018

Facts about Rob Ryan inform the readers with the impressive American football coach in NFL. He was born on 13th December 1962 with the full name Robert Allen Ryan. Ryan had worked for seven different teams in National Football League as a defensive coach or coordinator. In the New England Patriots, he became the linebackers coach when the team appeared as the winner for Super Bowl XXXVI and Super Bowl XXXVIII. If you are interested to know more about the professional life, family and early life of Rob Ryan, check the details below:

Facts about Rob Ryan 1: parents

His father is Buddy Ryan, while his mother is Doris. In 1966, his parents decided to divorce. His father was a head coach and defensive coordinator. Ryan has a twin brother. His name is Rex Ryan. After the divorce of his parents, he and his brother relocated to Toronto along with his mother, Doris. Then they returned to United States to live with their father.

Facts about Rob Ryan 2: education

Ryan was enrolled to Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire in Illinois. Then he entered Southwestern Oklahoma State University and became a defensive end player.

Facts about Rob Ryan

Facts about Rob Ryan

Facts about Rob Ryan 3: early career

In 1987, Ryan worked for Western Kentucky as a graduate assistant. Then he moved to Ohio State to work as an assistant coach in 1988. In 1989 until 1991, he became a coach for running back. In 1992 and 1993, he coached wide receivers and defensive line. Those five seasons were in Tennessee State.

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Facts about Rob Ryan 4: NFL coach

Ryan was selected as the defensive backs coach at the Arizona Cardinals as the staff of his father in 1994. It marked the beginning of his career in NFL coaching. In 1995, Ryan had further work as the coach for the cornerbacks and safeties in the Cardinals.

Facts about Rob Ryan 5: Aeneas Williams

Aeneas Williams was the cornerback in the team who got two trips in Pro Bowl in 1994 and 1995 when Ryan was the coach. Moreover, the team also earned 42 takeaways and 32 interceptions in 1995. In the NFL total defense, the team got the second place in 1994. In the pass defense, it had the third place. In the run defense, it got the second rank.

rob ryan facts

rob ryan facts

Facts about Rob Ryan 6: fired from Arizona Cardinals

In 1996, Ryan took the post as defensive coordinator at Hutchinson Community College after Arizona Cardinals fired him. He created a wonderful record for his team in sacks (56) and in total defense (228 yards-per-game).

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Facts about Rob Ryan 7: Oklahoma State

Ryan moved to Oklahoma State to become a defensive coordinator in 1997.

Facts about Rob Ryan 8: New England Patriots

Ryan began his career with New England Patriots as the linebackers coach.

Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan

Facts about Rob Ryan 9: Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders made Ryan as third defensive coordinator before the 2004 season took place.

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Facts about Rob Ryan 10: Buffalo Bills

Ryan joined the Buffalo Bills in 2016. However, he was fired on 27 December 2016.

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