10 Facts about Robben Island

Post On: August 11, 2017

You will be informed with an island located in Table Bay by reading facts about Robben Island. It was named Dutch language, which means Seal Island. It covers the area of 5.07 kilometer square. It has the width of 1.9 kilometers. The length from north to south is measured at 3.3 kilometres. The shape of Robben Island is oval.  Due to the ancient erosion event, Robben Island sits only a few metres above the sea elevation. It has flat surface. Why don’t you read the below post for details about Robben Island:

Facts about Robben Island 1:  the African history

Robben Island plays an important role in the African history. Do you know that Nelson Mandela was jailed in Robben Island for 18 years? He was released when apartheid fell. Mandela also became the president of South Africa. He was also known as a Nobel Laureate.

Facts about Robben Island 2: the presidents of South Africa

Mandela, Kgalema Motlanthe and Jacob Zuma were the inmates of Robben Island who had became the presidents of South Africa. The latter one is the current president.

Robben Island Map

Robben Island Map

Facts about Robben Island 3: the importance of Robben Island

Robben Island is important for the African people. It has been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site and South African National Heritage Site.

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Facts about Robben Island 4: the use of Robben Island

Many political prisoners had been held in Robben Island since the late 17th century. It was used as a prison for the first time by the Dutch.

Robben Island

Robben Island

Facts about Robben Island 5: the first prisoner

The first prisoner of Robben Island was Autshumato. He was held in the island in the mid-17th century.

Facts about Robben Island 6: other functions

In the past, Robben Island was employed as an animal quarantine station and a leper colony. After Hemel-en-Aarde was known as an inappropriate place for a leper colony, the lepers were relocated to Robben Island in 1845.  The lepers were given free options if they wanted to leave the island.

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Facts about Robben Island 7: the Moturu Kramat

The Prince of Madura named Sayed Abdurahman Moturu was commemorated by establishing the Moturu Kramat in 1969. Today, it earns the status as a sacred site for Muslims. In the mid-1740s, he was exiled in Robben Island. Moturu was recognized as one of the first imams in Cape Town.

Facts about Robben Island 8: popularity

Today, Robben Island is one of the most popular sites to visit by the tourists. Robben Island Museum manages it.

Facts about Robben Island

Facts about Robben Island

Facts about Robben Island 9: guides

Most guides in Robben Island are the former inmates. When the weather permits, it is open all year around.

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Facts about Robben Island 10: how to access Robben Island

You just have to reach Cape Town’s waterfront to access Robben Island.

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