10 Facts about Robbie Williams

Post On: November 23, 2017

This British super star is a man of talent. He could persistence his carrier for more than two decades. Therefore, here are ten things you might not already know about the star. That’s why read facts about Robbie Williams below:

Facts about Robbie Williams 1: early life

Born in 1974 February 13, in small city Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire UK from an entrepreneur parents who ran a local Pub named Red Lion, his father also known as a British comedian Pete Williams (Pete Conway is his stage name)

Facts about Robbie Williams 2: early career Take That

World recognized him firstly as a member of former big hit boy band Take That. He was 16 when joined Take That. Before that, he worked as windows (double-glazing) salesman of his neighborhood. In 2009, Progress the album of Take that became the fastest selling album since 2000 and second best-selling album in UK.

Facts about Robbie Williams

Facts about Robbie Williams

Facts about Robbie Williams 3: solo career

Start his solo career by covering Freedom by George Michael in 1996. After many singles and hits around Europe and America, in 2000 his Millennium was his first number one solo. It became the start of his most successful period.

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Facts about Robbie Williams 4: awards

He won a record of winning 17 Brit Awards although five of those won with take That. He also won 8 Echo Awards from Germany’s music industry.

Facts about Robbie Williams 5: albums

He released 11 albums from 1997-2016 which almost all of them became the world’s most favorite and sat many international charts. He was the first biggest selling albums in UK history and record sales stands at over 77 million worldwide.

Robbie Williams Facts

Robbie Williams Facts

Facts about Robbie Williams 6: other projects

Williams has collaborated with many international singers like Kyle Minogue, Nicole Kidman, Maxi Jazz, and Dean Martin and with his former Take That member Gary Barlow around 2000-2007. In the film the _magic and _Roundabot he provided the voice of Douglas. He also made his own karaoke video games on November 2010 by Nordic Games Publishing.

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Facts about Robbie Williams 7: body arts/tattoo

This mr.Millenium has many tattoos all over his body to show his free expression. Even he has tat on his ring finger after losing his wedding ring in the first year of marriage.

Facts about Robbie Williams 8: the real “Casanova”

He also a very lucky man, considering he dated so many stars such as Nicole Appleton, Cameron Diaz, Tara Palmer Tomkinson and Anna Friel.

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams

Facts about Robbie Williams 9: met his wife on the blind date

He dated so many stars and beauties but he just met his wife Ayda Field on a blind date in 2007 after pair was setup by some mutual friends.

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Facts about Robbie Williams 10: can’t drive

This 43 talented man can’t drive, still can’t drive and have no driving license. He told that catch a cab is easier than drive in the London’s terrible traffic.

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