10 Facts about Robert Bakewell

Post On: August 1, 2018

Let us find out the interesting information about the British agriculturalist on Facts about Robert Bakewell. He played an important role in the British Agricultural Revolution. Bakewell was born on May 23, 1725. He passed away on October 1, 1795. Have you ever heard about the systematic selective breeding of livestock? Actually, Bakewell was the first person who applied the method.

Facts about Robert Bakewell 1: the importance of application of selective breeding of livestock

The application of selective breeding of livestock implemented by Bakewell had an important effect because it made the people aware with artificial selection. Moreover, the improvement was spotted on the horses, cattle and sheep.

Facts about Robert Bakewell 2: parents

Let us find out the early life of Bakewell. His mother was Rebecca Bakewell, while his father was Robert Bakewell.

Robert Bakewell

Robert Bakewell

Facts about Robert Bakewell 3: birthplace

The birthplace of Bakewell was located in Dishley Grange. He was born on May 23rd, 1725.

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Facts about Robert Bakewell 4: youth life

Bakewell was interested in farming since he was young. During his youth, he loved to go to Britain and Europe.

Facts about Robert Bakewell 5: teaching farmers

Bakewell concerned with farming techniques and methods. He would love to teach the farmers about new breeding techniques and grazing improvement.

Facts about Robert Bakewell

Facts about Robert Bakewell

Facts about Robert Bakewell 6: the most popular breeding program of Bakewell

Sheep was considered as the primary animal included in the breeding program of Bakewell. He was capable to improve the Lincoln Longwool. The many modern breed today is highly affected by the sheep of Bakewell.

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Facts about Robert Bakewell 7: export

The sheep developed and improved by Bakewell gained notorious popularity. There is no need to wonder that they were exported to North America and Australia. The taste of the people related to textiles and meat was changed because of the improvement of sheep by Bakewell.

Facts about Robert Bakewell 8: beef

The Dishley Longhorn was created by Bakewell after he crossed a Westmoreland bull and a long horned heifer. The first person who bred cattle for beef production was Bakewell.

Robert Bakewell Facts

Robert Bakewell Facts

Facts about Robert Bakewell 9: the effect of Bakewell’s lead

The lead of Bakewell played an important role in improving the quality and size of farm animals since farmers began to implement his techniques or methods.

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Facts about Robert Bakewell 10: the weight of a bull

The weight of a bull was around 168 kilogram or 370 pounds on average in 1700. The increase of weight on the bull for slaughter was affected by the techniques of Bakewell when breeding livestock. The weight then was doubled from 370 pounds to 840 pounds on average in 1786. The short horn version of bull was replaced with Dishley Longhorn after the death of Bakewell. Do you know that the theory of natural selection by Charles Darwin was inspired by the work of Bakewell on selective breeding?

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