10 Facts about Robert Ballard

Post On: December 2, 2017

Robert Ballard is quite well known as oceanographer with his influential deep sea exploration. He was the one who discoveredthe wreck of the Titanic in 1985; let’s check his interesting facts about Robert Ballard below:

10 Facts about Robert Ballard

Facts about Robert Ballard 1: originally a naval officer

He was educated as a marine geophysicist and geologist, joined Navy in 1967 and retired. He is also a professor of oceanography at the University of Rhode Island. His works are mostly noted in underwater archaeology as maritime archaeology and shipwreck archaeology.

Facts about Robert Ballard 2: Riftia and black smokers

In 1977, while exploring project (FAMOUS) near Galapagos island, Dr.Ballard with J.F. Grassle , discovered giant worms later called Riftia and other organism in the deep sea. Riftia grow in long tubes and around 3 meters long. In 1979, He explored a kind of sea volcanoes called black smokers in the coast of Baja California in the Pacific Rise.

Facts about Ballard

Facts about Ballard

Facts about Robert Ballard 3: Sea Water theory

Dr. Ballard discovered that sea water of the oceans of earth is round through the earth’s crust, then changing its mineral; composition in the process.He is also known for historic discoveries of hydrothermal vents and a pioneer in the early use of deep-diving submarines.

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Facts about Robert Ballard 4: telepresence

He was the first who developed new technology of deep sea exploration that he calls “telepresence”. It worked remotely controlled many robotic cameras in the deep sea and deliver the information through fiber optics wires to the surface.

Facts about Robert Ballard 5: Titanic and Argo

His first telepresence robot called Argo was the one who helped him a lot to find the wreck of the R.M.S. Titanic in 1985. That phenomenal unsinkable Titanic (including its story later) was approximately about 12,000 feet deep in the cold North Atlantic Ocean.

Ballard Oceanography

Ballard Oceanography

Facts about Robert Ballard 6: JASON project

JASON project was influenced by the very great amount of mails from children related to the Titanic adventure. He founded the JASON Foundation for Education in 1989. This project allows the children learn about and follow the exploration of the deep sea. Jason itself is a Remotely Operated Vehicle like Argo, which sent to explore the sea down and the broadcast via satellite to the students and museums around the world.

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Facts about Robert Ballard 7: more amazing wrecks’ discoveries

Using Jason and Argo system in later expeditions, Ballard found the German battleship Bismarck (sunk during World War II) in 16,000 feet of water in the liner ocean of Lusitania and PT109, recognized as JF Kennedy’s ship that was sunk in the Pacific Ocean during World War II.

Facts about Robert Ballard 8: institute for Exploration

He founded the Instituted for Exploration which concern in deep sea archaeology and geology in 1990s and started the Oceanography, a research program at the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography in 2003.

Robert Ballard

Robert Ballard

Facts about Robert Ballard 9: other projects

In 2004 he also serves as Director of the Institute for Archaeological Oceanography, at the University of Rhode Island. He was also a technical consultant of the television’s science fiction series seaQuest DSV in September 1993.

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Facts about Robert Ballard 10: awards

He deserved many awards for his service as pioneer of modern oceanographer. Those awards were Honorary Degree (Doctor of Science) by the University of Bath (1988), Academy of Achievement’s Golden Plate Award (1990), Kilby International Awards (1994), The Caird Medal of the National Maritime Museum (2002) and The National Humanities Medal (2003).

Instantly admire this brilliant oceanographer, Robert Ballard? Thanks for reading facts about Robert Ballard.