10 Facts about Robert C. O’Brien

Post On: August 17, 2017

Facts about Robert C. O’Brien tell the readers about an American journalist and novelist. He was born on 11 January 1918 and died on 5th March 1973. His full name was Robert Leslie Caroll Conly.  People recognize him more as Robert C. O’Brien. It was considered as his pen name. He became a journalist for National Geographic Magazine. Let us get other interesting facts about Robert C. O’Brien below:

Facts about Robert C. O’Brien 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of O’Brien was located in Brooklyn, New York. There were five kids in the family. O’Brien was the third one.

Facts about Robert C. O’Brien 2: college period

In 1935, he was enrolled at Williams College for he was interested in literature and music. He had a period that he called as a breakdown, which made him, left the college in the second year.

Facts about Robert C. O'Brien

Facts about Robert C. O’Brien

Facts about Robert C. O’Brien 3: a degree

In 1940, he was awarded by University of Rochester with a Bachelor of Arts in England.

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Facts about Robert C. O’Brien 4: the early occupation

Before he worked for the Newsweek, he was employed by an advertising agency after his graduation from the university.

Robert C. O'Brien Facts

Robert C. O’Brien Facts

Facts about Robert C. O’Brien 5: the Second World War

O’Brien wanted to participate in the Second World War. Due to the mental and physical ailments, he was rejected.

Facts about Robert C. O’Brien 6: Washington Times-Herald

In the early 1944, he worked for Washington Times-Herald to cover the city and national news. Then he worked as a news magazine called the Pathfinder.

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Facts about Robert C. O’Brien 7: National Geographic

One of the best achievements was working for National Geographic as a writer and editor in 1951.  By working here, he was capable to travel around the world.

Facts about Robert C. O’Brien 8: the job position

O’Brien took the job position as a senior assistant editor at National Geographic in 1970 until his death.

Robert C. O'Brien Novel

Robert C. O’Brien Novel

Facts about Robert C. O’Brien 9: glaucoma

O’Brien did not have to commute from Virginia to reach his office in Washington, D.C for he developed glaucoma in 1960s.

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Facts about Robert C. O’Brien 10: writing novels

Robert C. O’Brien was the name that he used when writing novels. He used the maiden name of his mother. In 1968, The Silver Crown was published as his first book.  In 1971, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH were published. Other novels included Z for Zachariah (1974) and A Report from Group 17 (1972).

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