10 Facts about Robert Catesby

Post On: August 15, 2017

Facts about Robert Catesby talk about a leading figure in a group of provincial English Catholics. In 1605, he created a plan on the Gunpowder Plot. However, it was a big failure. The birthplace of Catesby was located in Warwickshire. His exact date of birth was estimated in or after 1572. He died on November 8, 1605. He got the education nearby Oxford.  Let us find out other unique facts about Robert Catesby below:

Facts about Robert Catesby 1: the family background

Catesby was from a family of Catholics. There was an assumption that he neglected his college before he took a degree to avoid swearing Oath of Supremacy.

Facts about Robert Catesby 2: personal life

He had two kids after marrying a Protestant in 1593. It was believed that he reverted to Catholicism after his father and wife died in 1598.

facts about Robert Catesby

facts about Robert Catesby

Facts about Robert Catesby 3: Essex Rebellion

He had to sell his estate at Chastleton to pay the fine for participating at the Essex Rebellion in 1601.

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Facts about Robert Catesby 4: Catholicism

The tolerance for Catholicism was less spotted during the reign of James I. He was a Protestant who served as the King of England in 1603.

Robert Catesby Facts

Robert Catesby Facts

Facts about Robert Catesby 5: the plan to kill James I

Due to the intolerance of James I to Catholicism, Catesby created a plan to kill him. During the state opening parliament, he would use the gunpowder to blow up the House of Lords.

Facts about Robert Catesby 6: recruitment

To make sure that his plan would go well, he decided to recruit other Catholics to support it. The recruits included Thomas Percy, John Wright, Thomas Wintour and Guy Fawkes.

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Facts about Robert Catesby 7: the personality

Catesby was noted as an influential and charismatic person in the later years. On November 5, 1605, the plan was executed by the conspirators.

Facts about Robert Catesby 8: the planned explosion

The planned explosion was noted by the authorities because of an anonymous letter for the fourth Baron Monteagle, William Parker.

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Facts about Robert Catesby 9: Fawkes

Fawkes was one of the conspirators. He guarded barrels of gunpowder when the authorities searched in the Parliament.

Robert Catesby

Robert Catesby

Facts about Robert Catesby 10: the death of Catesby

Catesby was discovered dead after he was shot. His head was displayed outside the parliament, while his body was exhumed.

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