10 Facts about Robert Cecil

Post On: August 16, 2017

Facts about Robert Cecil tell the readers about the first Earl of Salisbury. He was known as a politician and administrator. Cecil was born on June 1, 1563 and died on May 24, 1612. His father was the first Baron Burghley, William Cecil. His mother was Mildred Cooke, the second wife of William. Thomas Cecil was the First Earl of Exeter. He was the elder half brother of Robert. His first cousin was the philosopher, Francis Bacon. Let us get other interesting facts about Robert Cecil by reading the following post below:

Facts about Robert Cecil 1: nickname

Robert Cecil was called “my little beagle” by King James I. On the other hand, he was called “my pygmy” by Queen Elizabeth.

Facts about Robert Cecil 2: politics

Even though Robert was the younger son in the family, his father realized that he was a political genius. His father believed that Thomas could only rule a tennis court. However, he was confident that Robert could rule England.

Facts about Robert Cecil

Facts about Robert Cecil

Facts about Robert Cecil 3: education

In 1580s, Cecil was enrolled at St John’s College. However, he did not own a degree. He became a representative for borough of Westminster in the House of Commons in 1584.

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Facts about Robert Cecil 4: marriage

His wife was Elizabeth Brooke. Both married in 1589. His father-in-law was the 10th Baron Cobham, William Brooke. His mother-in-law was Frances Newton.

Robert Cecil Coat of Arms

Robert Cecil Coat of Arms

Facts about Robert Cecil 5: the son

On March 28th, 1591, the couple was blessed with a son named William Cecil. When William was 6, Elizabeth passed away. The couple also had a daughter named Frances.

Facts about Robert Cecil 6: an MP

In 1584, he became a representative of Westminster. In 1589, 1593, 1597 and 1601, he became an MP for Hertfordshire.

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Facts about Robert Cecil 7: a leading minister

After the death of his father, Cecil became a leading minister. He became Secretary of State for Queen Elizabeth and King James.

Facts about Robert Cecil 8: dispute

The most notable dispute of Cecil was with the Second Earl of Essex, Robert Devereux.

Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I

Facts about Robert Cecil 9: King James

Cecil had a secret correspondence with King James to make him smoothly succeeded Queen Elizabeth.

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Facts about Robert Cecil 10: portrayal

Cecil was a crucial person in the history of England. There is no need to wonder that he is depicted in media.   Roberto Devereux (1837) featured the character Lord Cecil based on him.

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