10 Facts about Robert Clive

Post On: August 18, 2017

Facts about Robert Clive present the details about the first baron Clive. He was also known as Major-General Robert Clive. He was born on 29th September 1725 and died on 22nd November 1774. People also recognize him as a privateer, a British officer, a commander in chief of British Indian and Clive of India. Have you ever informed about his biography? Check the following post for details about Clive below:

Facts about Robert Clive 1: Bengal

He played an important role in Bengal after he was capable to bring East India Company in the political and military supremacy.

Facts about Robert Clive 2: a rich person

Clive was rich. It was believed that he became a multi millionaire after he was capable for securing the wealth of British East India Company in South Asia like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Facts about Robert Clive

Facts about Robert Clive

Facts about Robert Clive 3: British India

It was turned into British India by the important figures like Robert Clive and Warren Hastings.

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Facts about Robert Clive 4: puppet government

Clive applied the puppet government using his East India Company to rule India. He adopted the methods from French.

Robert Clive Facts

Robert Clive Facts

Facts about Robert Clive 5: the throne of Bengal

At that time, Bengal was known as the richest state in India.  The unpopular heir of Bengal was overthrown by Clive after he created a conspirator to secure the trade of British India Company.

Facts about Robert Clive 6: living in England

He was became a Tory Member of Parliament in London after he left India.

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Facts about Robert Clive 7: a controversial figure

People recognize him as a controversial figure. He was praised because he set the foundation of British Raj and his great control over India.  He was criticized due to his forced cultivation of plants, which led into fame. He also applied high taxes and atrocities. When he was in India, Clive had a lot of fortune.

Facts about Robert Clive 8: the early position

Robert Clive was hired by the East India Company as a company agent or factor after his father got him this position in 1744.

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Facts about Robert Clive 9: Portuguese

Clive was capable to learn Portuguese when he was in Brazil for nine months for the ship was in repair before arriving at Bombay.  The language was important because Goa was the center of Portuguese.

Robert Clive Plaque

Robert Clive Plaque

Facts about Robert Clive 10: the early job

In June 1744, he landed at Fort St George.  He became an assistant shopkeeper for the next two years before he was involved in the political situation in India.

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