10 Facts about Robert Cormier

Post On: August 17, 2017

I will give you the interesting information about an American author on facts about Robert Cormier. He was born on 17th January 1925 and died on 2 November 2000. People also recognize him as a reporter and columnist. The books that Cormier created were mainly sad and pessimistic.  He had won many awards during his life due to his notable books such as After the First Death, We All Fall Down and The Chocolate War. All of them are very popular among the readers. Let us check other unique facts about Cormier below:

Facts about Robert Cormier 1: The Chocolate War

The famous book of Cormier was The Chocolate War. Many libraries challenge this book.

Facts about Robert Cormier 2: themes

Do you know the themes, which recur in the books of Robert Cormier? They include betrayal, revenge, violence, metal illness, abuse and conspiracy.

Facts about Robert Cormier

Facts about Robert Cormier

Facts about Robert Cormier 3: the protagonist character

In most books, the protagonist character always appears as a winner. Cormier made it different in his books since most of his protagonists did not win.

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Facts about Robert Cormier 4: the birthplace

The birthplace of Cormier was located in Leominster, Massachusetts. His mother was Irma, while his father was Lucien Joseph. There were eight kids in the family. Cormier was the second one.

Robert Cormier Facts

Robert Cormier Facts

Facts about Robert Cormier 5: Leominster

Leominster was considered as his hometown. It inspired him to create a fictional town called Monument in his book. Wickburg was inspired from the city of Fitchburg, while Frenchtown was taken from the village of French Hill in his books.

Facts about Robert Cormier 6: writing

Cormier was interested in writing when he was only in the first grade. His poetry was deeply appreciated at school.

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Facts about Robert Cormier 7: aspiration

When Cormier was in the seventh grade, he realized that he wanted to become a writer. At that time, a nun encouraged him to write a poem.  The first short story of Cormier was published in The Sign, a national Catholic magazine when he was a freshman at Fitchburg State College. Florence Conlon was his professor who sent his work in the magazine without his knowledge.

Facts about Robert Cormier 8: the professional career

His first professional job was as a scriptwriter for radio commercials.

Robert Cormier Image

Robert Cormier Image

Facts about Robert Cormier 9: as a journalist

Then people recognize him as a journalist who had won many awards.

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Facts about Robert Cormier 10: the Fitchburg Sentinel

Cormier was a regular contributor for the Fitchburg Sentinel. It was a local newspaper.

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