10 Facts about Robert F. Kennedy

Post On: August 2, 2018

You will be informed with the prominent American politician and lawyer on Facts about Robert F. Kennedy. He was born as Robert Francis Kennedy. His nickname was Bobby. His birth date was on 20 November 1925. He died on 6th June 1968. In January 1961 until September 1964, he became the 64th US Attorney General. In January 1965, he was appointed as United States Senator. In June 1968, he was assassinated. Let us check the detail information about Robert F. Kennedy in the following post.

Facts about Robert F. Kennedy 1: the birthplace and parents

His mother was Rose Kennedy. His father was Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. Robert’s birthplace was located in Brookline, Massachusetts. He was the seventh child in the family.

Facts about Robert F. Kennedy 2: politics

When people talk about Robert F. Kennedy, he will be called as the prominent figure in modern American liberalism.

Facts about Robert F. Kennedy

Facts about Robert F. Kennedy

Facts about Robert F. Kennedy 3: early education and career

In 1948, Kennedy finished his education from Harvard University. Before he went to the college, he spent his time working in the Naval Reserve in 1944 until 1946. His position was a seaman apprentice. Then he attended University of Virginia to get a law degree. In 1951, he got the admission to the Massachusetts bar.

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Facts about Robert F. Kennedy 4: the political career

The first involvement of Robert in politics was when he campaigned for his brother John to sit on the senate. He served as the manager.

Facts about Robert F. Kennedy 5: other positions

Kennedy also worked under Senator Joseph McCarthy as the assistant counsel. He also took part in the Boston Post as a correspondent.

Robert F. Kennedy Facts

Robert F. Kennedy Facts

Facts about Robert F. Kennedy 6: the widespread attention

Kennedy’s career in politics was noted by the public due to his challenge on the corrupt practice of the union when he served as the chief counsel in 1957 until 1959 in the Senate Labor Rackets Committee. He also wrote a book about corruption in the union with the title The Enemy Within.

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Facts about Robert F. Kennedy 7: presidential election of his brother

Robert’s brother, John participated in the presidential election in 1960. Robert focused on the campaign of his brother. Therefore, he decided to leave the committee.

Facts about Robert F. Kennedy 8: the career after the election

Robert’s brother became a president after the election. Then he took the role as the attorney general of United States. In 1961 until 1963, He became the advisor for the president.

Robert F. Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy

Facts about Robert F. Kennedy 9: the assassination of his brother

Though his brother, John was assassinated, Robert was still in the office. He became a candidate for presidential election from Democratic Party in 1968.

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Facts about Robert F. Kennedy 10: death

A 24-year old Palestinian named Sirhan Sirhan wounded Kennedy on 5th June 1968 due to his support on Israel. He was reported died on the following day.

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