10 Facts about Robert Fulton

Post On: August 2, 2018

Facts about Robert Fulton elaborate the interesting information about the notable inventor and engineer from America. He was born on 14th November 1765 and passed away on 25th February 1815. His famous work is entitled The North River Steamboat of Clermonts. Have you ever heard about it before? It is considered as the commercial steamboat successfully made by Fulton. He took the credit for this steamboat. Let us find out the detail facts about Robert Fulton below:

Facts about Robert Fulton 1: the first sail

The steamboat was considered as a breakthrough since it took passengers in 1807. The route was to reach Albany by sailing from New York. It lasted for 62 hours and reached 300 miles.

Facts about Robert Fulton 2: Nautilus

If you love history, you must know about Nautilus. It was considered as the first practical submarine in the world. Napoleon Bonaparte commissioned Fulton to develop and create Nautilus in 1800.

Facts about Robert Fulton

Facts about Robert Fulton

Facts about Robert Fulton 3: British Royal Navy

The achievement of Fulton as an engineer and inventor was also noted by the British Royal Navy since they applied the naval torpedoes invented by Fulton.

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Facts about Robert Fulton 4: the interest about steam engine

Fulton was interested with steam engine since he was 12 years old. He admired the steam engine created by the famous inventor James Watt.

Facts about Robert Fulton 5: the birthplace and family

The father of Fulton was also named Robert. Benjamin West was one of the best friends of Fulton’s father. Fulton had three siblings. They were Isabella, Elizabeth, Mary and Abraham. The birthplace of Fulton was located in Little Britain, Pennsylvania.

Robert Fulton Facts

Robert Fulton Facts

Facts about Robert Fulton 6: living in Philadelphia

There was a phase in Fulton’s life where he settled in Philadelphia for around six years. He was capable to give his mother some money by doing painting of machinery, houses, landscapes and portraits. His family relocated to Washington County after Fulton purchased a farm at Hopewell in 1785.

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Facts about Robert Fulton 7: meeting other figures

Fulton had met a number of notable figures in the history. One of them was Benjamin Franklin. People recognized Franklin because of his knowledge, invention, writing and politics. Fulton travelled to Europe when he was 23.

Facts about Robert Fulton 8: personal life

Let us talk about the personal life of Fulton, which included his marriage and children. Do you know that that his father in law was Walter Livingston? Her name was Harriet Livingstone. Robert Livingston was her uncle. The couple had four kids. They were Robert, Julia, Mary and Cornelia.

Robert Fulton Plaque

Robert Fulton Plaque

Facts about Robert Fulton 9: the idea for tub-boat canals

In 1794, Fulton gained a patent for the idea of tub-boat canals. At that time, many people were interested with Canal Mania.

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Facts about Robert Fulton 10: death

Fulton passed away at the age of 49 because of tuberculosis in New York City in 1815.

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