10 Facts about Robert Hayden

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Facts about Robert Hayden elaborate the details about the notable America poet. He was also known as an educator and essayist. Have you read any his works before? You will be impressed. There is no need to wonder that Hayden was very famous in America. This man was born on August 4th, 1913 and died on February 25th, 1980. In 1976 until 1978, he took the role as Consultant in Poetry for Library of Congress. It was such as honorable position for a poet. Today, the role is equivalent with poet laureate for United States. One thing for sure, that Hayden was the first African American who got the position. Here are other interesting things to know about Robert Hayden:

Facts about Robert Hayden 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Hayden was located in Detroit, Michigan, United States. Before his birth, his parents had separated. His father was Asa Sheffey, while his mother was Ruth. His birth name actually was Asa Bundy Sheffey.

Facts about Robert Hayden 2: the troubled family

Hayden had to face childhood trauma due to the unstable family during his early life. Sue Ellen Westerfield and William Hayden were the family next door who took care of him in their foster care. He was raised in Paradise Valley. It was a nickname of a ghetto located in Detroit. The childhood was traumatic for Hayden because of contentious marriage of her foster parents. He had to experience beatings too.

Robert Hayden

Robert Hayden

Facts about Robert Hayden 3: the visual problem

Since Hayden was a child, he had problem with his sight. Therefore, he could not participate in sports.

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Facts about Robert Hayden 4: the interest in literature

Hayden developed his interest in literature since he was often humiliated by his peers due to his posture and visual problems. He read a lot.

Facts about Robert Hayden 5: education

He took Spanish as his major and English as his minor when he went to Wayne State University. During the day, it was called Detroit City College. During the Great Depression, he decided to leave the education in 1936. He could get the degree.

Facts about Robert Hayden

Facts about Robert Hayden

Facts about Robert Hayden 6: job

His work was to gather information and research related to the black history and culture when he was accepted in Works Progress Administration Federal Writers’ Project after leaving the college.

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Facts about Robert Hayden 7: personal life

In 1940, Hayden wedded Erma Morris after leaving his work at the Federal Writers’ Project in 1938.

Facts about Robert Hayden 8: the first volume of his publication

In 1940, he published Heart-Shape in the Dust as the first volume of his publication.



Facts about Robert Hayden 9: University of Michigan

In 1941, he attended University of Michigan. He took a Hopewood Award from the university.

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Facts about Robert Hayden 10: faith

In the beginning of 1940s, Hayden decided to follow Bahá’í Faith just like his wife. Maia was the couple’s daughter raised according to the faith.

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