10 Facts about Robert Herrick

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Facts about Robert Herrick elaborate the information about the English lyric poet in 17th century. People also recognize him as a cleric. He was baptized on August 24, 1591. His burial took place on October 15th, 1674. The birthplace of Herrick was located in Cheapside, London. His father was a wealthy goldsmith named Nicholas Herrick. His mother was Julia Stone. He was the fourth son in the family. The famous work of Herrick was a book of poems. The title was Hesperides. You can find out the early life, work and achievement of Robert Herrick if you read the whole post below:

Facts about Robert Herrick 1: the famous carpe diem poem

Have you read the most notable work of Robert Herrick? “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time” is considered as his impressive carpe diem poem.

Facts about Robert Herrick 2: the name of Herrick

Let us find out the history of his name. Do you know that Robert Herrick was named after his uncle? The land of Greyfriars Abbey was purchased by his uncle who had served as MP for Leicester. His uncle was wealthy.

Facts about Robert Herrick

Facts about Robert Herrick

Facts about Robert Herrick 3: the death of his father

Herrick was only a year old when he lost his father. In November 1592, his father falls from the window of the fourth floor. He passed away because of this accident. Until today, it is not clear whether his father committed suicide or not.

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Facts about Robert Herrick 4: education

“Tears to Thamesis” is a wonderful poem of Herrick which signified that he attended Westminster for his education. However, some believe that it was only an allusion to city. Some people believe that Herrick probably attended The Merchant Taylor’s School just as the kids of his uncle.

Facts about Robert Herrick 5: Sir William Herrick

Sir William Herrick was the other uncle of Robert who became his mentor in 1607. His uncle was a notable jeweler and goldsmith who worked for the king. He finished the apprenticeship under his uncle when he was 22. Then he attended St John’s College in Cambridge. In 1617, he had the graduation after his movement to Trinity Hall.

Robert Herrick Facts

Robert Herrick Facts

Facts about Robert Herrick 6: Ben Jonson

Herrick was interested to become a part of Ben Jonson’s admiration group. It was called Sons of Ben. He served as the member. His admiration to Jonson was spotted on his five poems dedicated to him.

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Facts about Robert Herrick 7: ordination

In 1623, Robert Herrick had his ordination. He served as the vicar of Dean Prior located in Devonshire in 1629.

Facts about Robert Herrick 8: English Civil War

The beginning of English Civil War was crucial to shape the future life of Robert Herrick. Due to his refusal on the Solemn League and Covenant, he had to leave his post of vicarage. He decided to live in Westminster from the help of his family and friends.

Robert Herrick Poet

Robert Herrick Poet

Facts about Robert Herrick 9: Hesperides

Hesperides was the title of Herrick’s work printed in 1648.

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Facts about Robert Herrick 10: the dedication

The famous work was dedicated for Prince of Wales.

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