10 Facts about Robert Indiana

Post On: August 3, 2018

Facts about Robert Indiana tell us about the popular American artist. He was born on 13th September 1928 as Robert Clark. He died on 19th May 2018. When talking about Indiana, people always recognize him as one of the notable pop artists. In 1965, he created the notorious LOVE print for Museum of Modern Art’s Christmas card. His LOVE print was used as the inspiration of Love Sculpture created in 1970. Then the LOVE stamp was issued by United States Postal Service in 1973. It was widely distributed around the country. During his life, Indiana created various kinds of works using different media such Cor-ten steel and silkscreen. Let us find out other facts about Robert Indiana below:

Facts about Robert Indiana 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Robert was located in New Castle, Indiana. His birth name actually was Robert Clark. His parents were Carmen Watters and Earl Clark. He was the only child in the family.

Facts about Robert Indiana 2: education

In 1942 until 1946, he was enrolled to Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis. He lived with father after the divorce of his parents. Then he attended at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1949 until 1953. It was after he served in US Army Air Force for three years. In summer 1953, he went to Maine to attend Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. In 1953 until 1954, he studied at Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art. In 1954, he returned to the home country and decided to live in New York City.

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Facts about Robert Indiana 3: meeting other artists

Indiana was capable to meet other artists like Cy Twombly, Agnes Martin and Jack Youngerman after he moved into a loft located on Coenties Slip in New York. He could settle in that loft after Ellsworth Kelly, her lover found it for him.

Facts about Robert Indiana

Facts about Robert Indiana

Facts about Robert Indiana 4: moving from Coenties Slip

Indiana moved into a building located at Spring Street in 1964. Then he moved into the island town of Vinalhaven, Maine by renting the upstairs area of Odd Fellows Hall in 1969. Eliot Elisofon was the owner of this studio.

Facts about Robert Indiana 5: purchasing the lodge

Indiana decided to purchase the lodge with the price of $10,000 after the death of Elisofon in 1973.

Robert Indiana Facts

Robert Indiana Facts

Facts about Robert Indiana 6: reclusive life

During his final years, Indiana began to develop the reclusive life.

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Facts about Robert Indiana 7: death

Indiana passed away in Vinalhaven, Maine on 19 May 2018. He was 89 years old.

Facts about Robert Indiana 8: a lawsuit

Indiana was involved in a lawsuit, which stated that he was isolated from family and friends because of his dealer one day before his death.

Robert Indiana Work Stamp

Robert Indiana Work Stamp

Facts about Robert Indiana 9: the characteristics of his works

The famous example of his work was the LOVE print. He often described his works in iconic, simple and bold images.

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Facts about Robert Indiana 10: the Eat series

Another famous work of Indiana was the EAT series.

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