10 Facts about Robert Lipsyte

Post On: August 4, 2018

Facts about Robert Lipsyte give the interesting information about the American sports journalist. He was born on 16 January 1938. His full name is Robert Michael Lipsyte. He is also known as an author. In 2001, American Library Association honored him with Margaret Edwards Award because of his writing dedicated to teens. You can find out more interesting facts about Lipsyte after reading the whole post below.

Facts about Robert Lipsyte 1: the birthplace and parents

His parents were Finston and Sidney. Lipsyte. The birthplace of Lipsyte was located in New York City. He was raised in a neighborhood located in Queens, New York City. It was called Rego Park.

Facts about Robert Lipsyte 2: the occupations of his parents

Lipsyte’s mother worked as a teacher, while his father was a school principal. During his youth, Robert was not really into sports. He was interested more with books. He often spent his time with his father visiting the library rather than playing sports.

Robert Lipsyte Facts

Robert Lipsyte Facts

Facts about Robert Lipsyte 3: Sam Lipsyte

Have you ever heard about Sam Lipsyte? He is the son of Robert Lipsyte. He works as a teacher for Columbia University and an author.

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Facts about Robert Lipsyte 4: SportsWorld

SportsWorld is a book of Lipsyte published in 1976. The role of sports in American culture was explained in the first chapter of the book. The Dodgers, the Giants and the Yankees were the three prominent league teams in American baseballs, which gained wider popularity among the American people. However, Lipsyte stated that he was 13 years old when attending the first major league baseball game.

Facts about Robert Lipsyte 5: as a boy

Though Robert was always interested with reading books, he played street games as a boy. However, he lost the interest in sport because of the pressure toward him to excel at sport.

Robert Lipsyte Pic

Robert Lipsyte Pic

Facts about Robert Lipsyte 6: the nonfiction works

The major nonfiction works of Lipsyte were inspired from his experience when he was a boy. One of the notable works was Sportsworld.

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Facts about Robert Lipsyte 7: other notable works of Lipsyte

In 1982, the work of Lipsyte under the title Jock and Jill was published.

Facts about Robert Lipsyte 8: One Fat Summer

He also created a trilogy. In 1977, One Fat Summer was published. It was the first in the trilogy. Bobby Marks is the protagonist character in the novel. Marks has to deal the weight problem just like Lipsyte in the real life. He can remove forty pounds after taking a job as a lawn boy in 1952.

Facts about Robert Lipsyte

Facts about Robert Lipsyte

Facts about Robert Lipsyte 9: a correspondent

He worked for NBC and CBS as the correspondent. In the end of 1980s, he became a host for WNET/Thirteen’s “The Eleventh Hour.

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Facts about Robert Lipsyte 10: the nonfiction works

Lipsyte wants to make sport a fun and entertaining game. He believes that the goal of sport is not winning. His belief is implemented in his Sportsworld.

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