10 Facts about Robert Menzies

Post On: August 4, 2018

Facts about Robert Menzies give you details about the Australian politician. He was born on December 20th, 1894 and died on May 15th, 1978. In 1939 until 1941 and in 1949 until 1966, he became the Prime Minister of Australia. Menzies had an important role to create the Liberal Party in Australia. He set the foundation and policies on the party. Do you know that Menzies had served as the Prime Minister of Australia for 18 years in total? There is no need to wonder that he took the record as the longest serving prime minister. If you want to know more about the personal and political life of Menzies, check the following post below:

Facts about Robert Menzies 1: education

Menzies attended University of Melbourne and took law as his major. After his graduation, he became one of the top lawyers in Melbourne.

Facts about Robert Menzies 2: career of Menzies

In 1932 until 1934, he served as Deputy Premier for Victoria. Then he became Attorney General. During the government of Joseph Lyons, he was appointed as the Minister for Industry. He became the leader of UAP or United Australia Party after Lyons died. Then he served as the prime minister of Australia.

Facts about Robert Menzies

Facts about Robert Menzies

Facts about Robert Menzies 3: participation in the Second World War

The Second World War was considered as one of the notable events in the history of the world. In September 1939, Menzies who served as the prime minister authorized the country’s participation in the Second World War. He was in England for four months in 1941 to meet with war cabinet of Churchill. He left the post as the prime minister of Australia due to the lack of support when he returned to Australia in August 1941.

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Facts about Robert Menzies 4: the new Liberal Party

Menzies had an important role in the creation of new Liberal Party in Australia. In August 1945, he was inaugurated as a leader of the party. He was capable to sit again as the prime minister in the federal election in 1949 due to the coalition between Liberal and Country.

Facts about Robert Menzies 5: Democratic Labor Party

Democratic Labor Party began to give their support to Menzies after 1955.

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Facts about Robert Menzies 6: retirement

In January 1966, he decided to retire as a prime minister after serving for 18 years in total.

Robert Menzies 13 years

Robert Menzies 13 years

Facts about Robert Menzies 7: the legacy

The government of Menzies was noted due to his contribution for developing Canberra. He also focused on the better education for the people.

Facts about Robert Menzies 8: wars

Australia also involved in a number of wars during the leadership of Menzies, which included Vietnam War and Korean War.

Robert Menzies 1930s

Robert Menzies 1930s

Facts about Robert Menzies 9: marriage

Robert Menzies and Pattie Leckie married on September 27th, 1920.

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Facts about Robert Menzies 10: children

Menzies had three surviving kids. They are Kenneth, Robert Jr. and Margery.

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