10 Facts about Robert Millikan

Post On: August 4, 2018

Facts about Robert Millikan tell you about the American experimental physicist. He was born on 22nd March 1868. His full name was Robert Andrews Millikan. He passed away on 19th December 1953. In 1923, he was awarded Nobel Prize for Physics due to his notable work on photoelectric effect and measurement of the elementary electronic charge. Let us talk about the education of Millikan. In 1891, he graduated from Oberlin College. In 1895, Columbia University awarded him with a doctorate. University of Chicago made him as an assistant in 1896. In 1910, he took the position as the full professor in the university. Other interesting facts about Millikan will be explained in the following post:

Facts about Robert Millikan 1: the experiments

Millikan was interested to create various experiments during his life. He wanted to find the electric charge by a single electron with his experiments conducted in 1909.

Facts about Robert Millikan 2: the multiple of elementary electric charge

The multiple of elementary charge was noted on the droplets of water during the experiments of Millikan. However, people were not convinced with his finding. It seems that Millikan never gave up because his notable oil-drop experiment convinced the people with greater result in 1910.

Robert Millikan 1920s

Robert Millikan 1920s

Facts about Robert Millikan 3: the career in 1921

Millikan moved to Pasadena, California to work at Norman Bridge Laboratory of Physics at the California Institute of Technology. He took the position as the director.

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Facts about Robert Millikan 4: radiation

Millikan studied about radiation. He called radiation as cosmic rays. In 1921 until 1945, he served as the chairman of the Executive Council of Caltech. Under his leadership, he made the school as the notable institution in the country.

Facts about Robert Millikan 5: the role in 1921 until 1953

In 1921 until 1953, he sat as the board of trustees for Science Service.

Robert Millikan Library

Robert Millikan Library

Facts about Robert Millikan 6: the birthplace and early education

The birthplace of Millikan was located in Morrison, Illinois. He attended the high school in Iowa. Millikan was the first person who got the Ph.D. from the physics department from Columbia University in 1895. During his career, he also created many introductory textbooks.

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Facts about Robert Millikan 7: personal life

Millikan’s wife was Greta Ervin Blanchard. The couple married in 1902. They were blessed with three kids. They were Clark, Glenn and Max.

Facts about Robert Millikan 8: death

Millikan passed away at the age of 85 because of heart attack.

Facts about Robert Millikan

Facts about Robert Millikan

Facts about Robert Millikan 9: honor

Due to his great contribution in the field of physics and education, his name is used to name various buildings such as the Millikan Library, The Millikan Suite and Millikan Middle School. The US Postal Service issued his postage stamp to honor him on 26th January 1982.

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Facts about Robert Millikan 10: The Millikan Library

Have you ever visited The Millikan Library before? You just have to go to Caltech campus to spot this library. It is considered as the highest building in the campus.

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