10 Facts about Robert Moses

Post On: August 4, 2018

Facts about Robert Moses narrate the information about the famous American public official. During his career, his works were focused on New York metropolitan area. Moses was born on 18th December 1888 and passed away on 29th July 1981. His contribution was noted on the urban development of the country. His name was often associated with Baron Haussmann of Second Empire Paris. During the mid-20th century, Moses was involved in various projects in Westchester County, Rockland County, Long Island and New York City. That is why he was often called as the master builder. Let us find out other interesting facts about Robert Moses below:

Facts about Robert Moses 1: between highways and public transits

The modern suburbs in Long Island were defined with the selection of Moses on highways than public transit. His decision was very important for it was influential for the next urban planners, architects and engineers.

Facts about Robert Moses 2: reference

The media often called Moses as a master builder. However, he labeled himself as a coordinator.

Facts about Robert Moses

Facts about Robert Moses

Facts about Robert Moses 3: titles

During his career, Moses had held at 12 different titles, which included Chairman of Long Island State Park Commissions and New York City Parks Commissioners.

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Facts about Robert Moses 4: public office

Though Moses was known as a master builder, he never sat in the public office. In 1934, he represented Republican party for a governor of New York. However, Herbert H. Lehman made him lose.

Facts about Robert Moses 5: success in public

Even though Moses was not an elected official or public, he had high level of autonomy. Toll income was one of his projects, which accumulated millions of dollars.

Robert Moses Facts

Robert Moses Facts

Facts about Robert Moses 6: World’s Fairs

Two World’s Fairs were held in New York City during the pinnacle of Moses’ success. The first one was in 1939. The second one was launched in 1964.

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Facts about Robert Moses 7: the headquarters of United States

Moses was capable to convince the United Nations to have their headquarters located in Manhattan New York City.

Facts about Robert Moses 8: the parkland in New York City

New York City only had a small amount of Parkland before Moses had his position as chief of state park system. During his career, Moses had built at least 658 playgrounds in the city. Moreover, the city also had 2,567,256 acres of parkland.

Robert Moses

Robert Moses

Facts about Robert Moses 9: the most power that Moses had

Moses earned the most power and autonomy when he became the chairmanship of the Triborough Bridge Authority. In 1936, Triborough Bridge was opened for the first time. It had three different spans, which linked Bronx, Manhattan and Queens. Today, the bridge is called Robert R. Kennedy Memorial Bridge.

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Facts about Robert Moses 10: the negative image

Moses was depicted in negative ways due to the publication of Robert A. Caro’s The Power Broker in 1974. The book contains 1200 pages. Caro was a winner of Pulitzer Prize.

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