10 Facts about Robert Muchamore

Post On: August 7, 2018

Let me give you some interesting information about an English author on Facts about Robert Muchamore. Have you ever read the works of Muchamore before? You will love his CHERUB and Henderson’s Boys novels. The birth date of Muchamore was on December 26th, 1972. The birthplace was located in Tufnell Park in North London. There were four kids in the family and Robert Muchamore was the youngest one. You will get the details about his personal, early life and career of Muchamore if you check the following post below:

Facts about Robert Muchamore 1: education

Let us find out the educational background of Muchamore. He was educated in St. Johns upper Holloway. Then he went to Acland Burghley School in A-level Economics where Muchamore got a D.

Facts about Robert Muchamore 2: the dream job

Muchamore had a number of professions for his future. He wanted to become a writer, photographer or architect.

Robert Muchamore Facts

Robert Muchamore Facts

Facts about Robert Muchamore 3: selecting the job

Muchamore decided to become a writer instead of becoming a photographer or architect. He did not choose photography because he should let go his Saturday job in Jessops. If he became an architect, he had to do much work.

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Facts about Robert Muchamore 4: an office junior

In 1991, he worked for a private investigation firm as an office junior after he realized that his writing could not meet the quality that he wanted to be. He used the term pretty dull to describe his life in 1990s.

Facts about Robert Muchamore 5: CHERUB novels

Muchamore was inspired to create his CHERUB novels because his nephew had not found any good novels.

Robert Muchamore

Robert Muchamore

Facts about Robert Muchamore 6: CHERUB series

You have to read CHERUB series if you want to be impressed with the work of Muchamore. The primary characters in the novels are James Adams and Lauren Adams. Lauren is the younger half-sister of James. CHERUB stands for Charles Henderson’s Espionage Research Unit B. British Secret Service owns this top-secret branch. It trains spies by recruiting the orphaned children.

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Facts about Robert Muchamore 7: why children as spies?

In the story, children are trained as spies because the target will not suspect them as spies.

Facts about Robert Muchamore 8: retirement as CHERUB

The agents will be retired as CHERUB at the age of 17. The agents will be trained with basic training.

Facts about Robert Muchamore

Facts about Robert Muchamore

Facts about Robert Muchamore 9: the novels and novella published by Muchamore

A World Book Day novella is written by Muchamore. The CHERUB novels have been published in 17 volumes. The novel has received many awards. The series has circulated in at least 20 countries in the world.

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Facts about Robert Muchamore 10: the titles of CHERUB series

On February 5, 2009, the first series of CHERUB was published in United Kingdom. The title was The Escape. In February 2013, Scorched Earth was published as the final one. On 27th February 2014, Rock War was published. The story has not had any connection with his famous Henderson Boys and CHERUB.

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