10 Facts about Robert Owen

Post On: August 7, 2018

Facts about Robert Owen give you details about the notable Welsh textile manufacturer. He was born on May 14, 1771 and died on November 17, 1858. Owen was also recognized due to his cooperative movement and utopian socialism. He was also noted as a philanthropic social reformer. During his life, he promoted the experimental socialism. Moreover, he tried to increase the working condition for his workers in his factories. His wealth came from the large textile mill located at New Lanark, Scotland. He served as the manager and investor. He was capable to accumulate the wealth in the beginning of 1800s. Let us check other interesting facts about Robert Owen below:

Facts about Robert Owen 1: the early career

Before Owen was involved with textile manufacturing business, he had draper training in Stamford, Lincolnshire. Then he had a job in London, England. In 1780s, he moved to Manchester.

Facts about Robert Owen 2: the utopian society

Owen was interested with utopian society. To build it, he used his money to build the experimental socialistic community located in New Harmony, Indiana after he went to America in 1824. However, the society did not last long.

Facts about Robert Owen

Facts about Robert Owen

Facts about Robert Owen 3: return to UK

He decided to leave America and return to the home country in 1828. He lived in London and worked as an advocate for the working class people.

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Facts about Robert Owen 4: the birthplace

The birthplace of Owen was located in a small market town located in Montgomeryshire, Wales. The town was called Newtown. His father was Robert Owen, while his mother was Anne Williams. His father worked as a local postmaster, ironmonger and saddler. There were seven kids in the family. Owen was the sixth one. William, Anne, John and Richard were the surviving sibling of Owen since two of their siblings died on the young age.

Facts about Robert Owen 5: education

Owen loved reading. However, he only got little formal education. He became an apprentice as a draper for four years in Stamford, Lincolnshire after leaving school at the age of 10.

Robert Owen House

Robert Owen House

Facts about Robert Owen 6: moving to Manchester

He relocated to Manchester when he was 18 years old. He made a partnership to create spinning mules after William lent him £100.

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Facts about Robert Owen 7: working as a manager

He was appointed as a manager for Piccadilly Mill at Manchester in 1992. He was only 21 years old at that time.

Facts about Robert Owen 8: personal life

On September 30th, 1799, Robert married Caroline Owen. His father was David Dale. He was the proprietor of New Lanark Mills in Scotland. The couples were blessed with eight kids.

Robert Owen

Robert Owen

Facts about Robert Owen 9: manager of New Lanark Mill

In January 1800, Owen became the manager of New Lanark Mill after he and his partners bought it from David Dale.

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Facts about Robert Owen 10: the factory workers

Owen was concerned with the life condition of the workers in their factory. He wanted to improve the working condition though various efforts over the years.

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