10 Facts about Robert Peary

Post On: August 6, 2018

Facts about Robert Peary talk about the famous American explorer. He was born on 6th May 1856 and passed away on 20th February 1920. People recognize him as Rear Admiral Robert Edwin Peary Sr. In the end of 19th century to beginning of 20th century, he had a number of expeditions to the Arctic. He served as the US Navy Officer. His famous claim is related to his stepping feet on the geographic North Pole on 6 April 1909 during his expedition. Let us find out the early life, birthplace, education and career of Peary by checking the whole post below:

Facts about Robert Peary 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Peary was located in Cresson, Pennsylvania. He spent his childhood and youth in Portland, Maine after the death of his father.

Facts about Robert Peary 2: education

Peary studied at Bowdoin College. Then he became a drafter for National Geodetic Survey. In 1881, he entered the US Navy as a civil engineer. He became the chief for surveying Nicaragua Canal in 1885. However, the canal did not happen.

Facts about Robert Peary

Facts about Robert Peary

Facts about Robert Peary 3: visiting the Arctic

In 1886, he made his first journey to visit the Arctic. He used dogsled to cross Greenland; however, his method was not successful.

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Facts about Robert Peary 4: proving that Greenland was an island

Peary was capable to prove that Greenland was an island after he could reach the Independence Fjord. Today, it is called Peary Land. One of the Arctic explorers who studied about the survival techniques of Inuit people was Peary.

Facts about Robert Peary 5: Cape Morris Jesup

Peary was capable to reach Cape Morris Jesup during his 1898-1902 expedition. It was considered as the northernmost point of Greenland. It marked the new record for Peary. He was also capable to reach the peak of Ellesmere Island of Canada. It signified that he could reach the northernmost point of Western Hemisphere.

Robert Peary

Robert Peary

Facts about Robert Peary 6: other expeditions

In 1905 until 1906 and 1908 until 1909, Peary had two expeditions to reach Arctic. He claimed that he reached the North Pole on the second one.

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Facts about Robert Peary 7: awards and honors

Due to his achievements, many geographical societies had given him honors and awards. He earned the promotion as rear admiral. He also got the Thanks of Congress in 1911.

Facts about Robert Peary 8: The Explorers Club

The Explorers Club was one of the most noted clubs at that time. Peary became the president of the club twice.

Robert Peary Facts

Robert Peary Facts

Facts about Robert Peary 9: retirement

When Peary announced his retirement, he moved to Eagle Island.

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Facts about Robert Peary 10: claim of reaching North Pole

At first, the debate occurred related to the claim of Peary reaching North Pole. Some contemporary newspapers did not believe. However, Peary could hear the public acceptance on his claim. Wally Herbert was the British explorer who wrote a book in 1989 which stated that Peary did not reach the North Pole. However, Herbert believed that Peary might be around 97 kilometer or 60 miles from the pole. Some supported Herbert, other did not.

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