10 Facts about Robert Ripley

Post On: August 6, 2018

Facts about Robert Ripley inform the readers about the American cartoonist. He was born on 25th December 1890 as LeRoy Robert Ripley. He died on 27th May 1949. He was also known as an amateur anthropologist and entrepreneur. The famous work of Ripley was Ripley’s Believe It or Not! It was launched as a TV show, radio show and newspaper panel series. The primary ingredient of the show is to present odd facts around the globe. If you want to know more about Robert Ripley, check the following post below:

Facts about Robert Ripley 1: the common themes in his work

The common themes found in the texts or cartoons of Ripleys include the unusual facts and sports feats. He used the drawings to depict the photographs, which captured the odd animals, unusual shapes of vegetables and other subjects.

Facts about Robert Ripley 2: marriage

Beatrice Roberts and Robert Ripley got married in 1919. In 1922, Ripley had the journey around the globe for the first time. It inspired him to create cartoons based on the unique cultures and locales in foreign countries that he visited.

Facts about Robert Ripley

Facts about Robert Ripley

Facts about Robert Ripley 3: a full time assistant

He had a full time assistant named Norbert Pearlroth as his polyglot and researcher in 1923 because he concerned much with his work. He shifted to New York Post from New York Globe in 1926.

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Facts about Robert Ripley 4: improved popularity

Ripley was capable to improve his popularity because he could widen the topics of his work in 1920s. In 1925, a guide to the game of handball and a travel journal of Ripley were published. He also published a book about boxing. He appeared as a handball champion for New York State in 1926.

Facts about Robert Ripley 5: William Randolph Hearst

Have you ever heard about William Randolph Hearst? He was considered as a publishing mogul during his era. The King Features Syndicate was under his management. The attention that Ripley got the from public made Hearst interested with him as an artist and writer.

Facts about Robert Ripley

Facts about Robert Ripley

Facts about Robert Ripley 6: Believe It or Not!

Hearst made it possible for Ripley’s work to reach widespread viewers. Believe It or Not! was debuted in 17 papers in 1929 around the world because of Hearst. Ripley became a headline after his syndicated cartoon stated that actually America did not have a national anthem on 3rd November 1929. At that time, people believe that The Star Spangled Banner was their American national anthem. The fact was not because the Congress never made it official. Therefore, President Herbert Hoover signed a law about the Star Spangled Banner as the US national anthem on 3 March 1931.

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Facts about Robert Ripley 7: media

Ripley had his work in various media whether they were TV shows, radios shows or drawings.

Facts about Robert Ripley 8: the first museum of Ripley

In 1933, Ripley opened the first museum in Chicago called the Odditorium.

Robert Ripley Facts

Robert Ripley Facts

Facts about Robert Ripley 9: the most popular man

The New York Times called him as the most popular man in America at the peak of his career.

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Facts about Robert Ripley 10: death

Ripley died in New York City because of heart attack at the age of 58 on 27 May 1949.

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