10 Facts about Robert Schumann

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Facts about Robert Schumann give the interesting information about the German composer. He was born on June 8th, 1810 and died on July 29th, 1856. People also recognize him as a prominent music critic. During the Romantic period, Schumann was considered as one of the most respected composers. Schumann wanted to become a virtuoso pianist. Therefore, he decided to leave his law study. However, he had to let go the dream because of his hand injury though a famous German pianist Friedrich Wieck had told him that he could be a great pianist. The hand injury did not stop his dream. He focused more on musical composing and writing. Let us find out other interesting facts about Robert Schumann below:

Facts about Robert Schumann 1: the musical composition for piano

Until 1840, Schumann only published musical compositions for piano. Then he expanded the works into orchestra and piano. He also composed chamber works, choral, one opera, four symphonies and Lieder. The latter ones are the songs for voice and piano.

Facts about Robert Schumann 2: the most notable works of Schumann

If you think that you know much about classical music, you should be able to mention some of the most notable works of Schumann. The Fantasie in C, Kreisleriana, Kinderszenen, Symphonic Studies and Carnaval should be learned by the classic musicians.

Facts about Robert Schumann

Facts about Robert Schumann

Facts about Robert Schumann 3: Neue Zeitschrift für Musik

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik is a journal of music, which often published the musical writings of Schumann. He was one of the co-founders of this Leipzig-based publication.

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Facts about Robert Schumann 4: marriage

Schumann and Clara married in 1840. However, the father of Clara Friedrich Wieck did not like the marriage. The legal battle took place between Wieck and the couple. However, the latter one won the battle. Clara was a pianist and composer. Before the marriage, she participated in various concerts and got the income from them.

Facts about Robert Schumann 5: the health of Schumann

In 1833, Schumann experienced a severe melancholic depressive episode. That was the first manifestation of his mental disorder. It occurred a couple times during his life. He had delusional ideas related to the metallic items, which might threaten or poison him.

Robert Schumann Facts

Robert Schumann Facts

Facts about Robert Schumann 6: living at the mental asylum

Schumann entered a metal asylum located in Endenich near Bonn after he attempted to commit suicide in 1854. In 1856, Schumann passed away two years after he was sent to the metal asylum. His mental disorder was never recovered.

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Facts about Robert Schumann 7: the influence

In 19th century, Schumann was considered as an influential musician and composer. After he married Clara, Schumann’s composition was defined as more conservative. After his death, he left many forms of musical compositions that the future generations liked to play and learn.

Facts about Robert Schumann 8: my ideal

Schumann was called as the ideal for Sir Edward Elgar. He was a notable composer.



Facts about Robert Schumann 9: Dreaming

Dreaming was a movie released in 1944 where Schumann was depicted by the actor Mathias Wieman.

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Facts about Robert Schumann 10: media

The media depicted Schumann in many movies and novels such as Song of Love released in 1947.

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