10 Facts about Robert Swindells

Post On: August 8, 2018

Facts about Robert Swindells give the information about the English author who focused on writing the young adult fictions and children’s stories. Swindells was born on March 20th, 1939. Have you ever read some of his books? You will be entertained. Swindells created amazing stories, which inspired kids and young adults. He brought theme of homelessness in his Stone Cold novel. It was intended for young adults. The Library Association awarded him with an annual Carnegie Medal due to the novel. Let us find out the interesting facts about Robert Swindells:

Facts about Robert Swindells 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Swindells was located in Bradford, Yorkshire, UK.

Facts about Robert Swindells 2: education and career

Swindells was 15 years old when left school. He found a job for a newspaper. He also entered the Royal Air Force. Then he was trained as a primary school teacher after having different kinds of works.

Facts about Robert Swindells

Facts about Robert Swindells

Facts about Robert Swindells 3: When Darkness Comes

When Darkness Comes was the first novel that Swindells wrote during his training as a Primary school teacher. In 1973, Brockhampton Press of Stenhousemuir published the novel.

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Facts about Robert Swindells 4: a full time writer

Swindells decided to become writer in 1980. Before that, he focused on two jobs of writing and teaching.

Facts about Robert Swindells 5: writing

It seems that Swindells is passionate about writing. As of 20th March 2010, he still wrote in his 71st birthday.

Robert Swindells Pic

Robert Swindells Pic

Facts about Robert Swindells 6: Brother in the Land

In 1984, Brother in the Land was published in the market. The setting of the novel took place in post-apocalyptic world. The book made Swindells earned Red House Children’s Book Award. It was such a great honor for a writer.

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Facts about Robert Swindells 7: personal point of view

Swindells had his own personal point of view related to Campaign of Nuclear Disarmament. He supported the campaign for nuclear would wipe of millions of people when it was used as a killing machine.

Facts about Robert Swindells 8: in politics

Swindells participated in politics during the 2010 by election and 2011 local elections. He took the third place according to the vote for he got 11 percent. He became the candidate for Green Party for England and Wales.

Robert Swindells

Robert Swindells

Facts about Robert Swindells 9: awards

Swindells had received many awards because of his contribution as a writer for children and young adults. Brother in the Land received Red House Children’s Book Award in 1985. Room 13 made him earned Red House Award again in 1990. The short novel of Swindells under the title Nightmare Stairs got Red House Award in 1998. The recent award that he earned was in 2003 for Blitzed.

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Facts about Robert Swindells 10: the notable works of Swindells

If you are interested to read the books of Swindells, begin with Ghost Ship to Ganymede (1980), When Darkness Comes (1973), A Serpent’s Tooth (1988), Staying Up (1986), Brother in the Land (1984) and Daz 4 Zoe (1990).

Are you entertained after reading facts about Robert Swindells?