10 Facts about Robert Winston

Post On: August 8, 2018

Find out the information about the British professor on Facts about Robert Winston. He was born 15th July 1940. He is known as a scientist and medical doctor. In Politics, Winston is in Labour Party. You can also see his presence as a TV presenter. His full name is Robert Maurice Lipson Winston. When he was a child, he grew up as an Orthodox Jew. His father was Ruth Winston-Fox. His mother was Laurence Winston. The birthplace of Winston was located in London. He had to lose his father at the age of nine. His father passed away because of medical negligence. Some people believe that Winston wanted to become a medical doctor because of this. Actually, it was not true. His eventual career option did not have anything to do with his father’s death. His mother had served as the Mayor for the former Borough of Southgate. Here are other interesting facts about Robert Winston:

Facts about Robert Winston 1: early education

Before he was enrolled at Colet Court and St Paul’s School, he studied Salcombe Preparatory School until he was 7 years old. In 1964, he earned a degree in medicine and surgery from The London Hospital Medical College. He became an expert in human fertility during his graduation.

Facts about Robert Winston 2: a theatre director

It was surprising that Winston became a theater director for a brief of time in his life. In 1969, he participated at Edinburgh Festival where he earned National Directors Award.

Robert Winston Facts

Robert Winston Facts

Facts about Robert Winston 3: academic medicine

Winston decided to make a comeback in medicine by developing different kinds of methods for reproductive surgery. The most notable one is sterilization reversal.

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Facts about Robert Winston 4: the first fallopian tubal transplant

In 1979, the first fallopian tubal transplant was performed. Do you know that Winston did it?

Facts about Robert Winston 5: family life

His wife is The Lady Winston or Lira Helen Feigenbaum. The couple married in 1973. The couple have three kids. They are Joel, Tanya and Ben.

Robert Winston

Robert Winston

Facts about Robert Winston 6: organization

Winston follows a number of organizations and clubs. He is a member of the MCC, Garrick Club and Athenaeum Club. He serves as Fellow of Royal Society of Arts.

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Facts about Robert Winston 7: the Reach out Laboratory in Imperial College

The Reach out Laboratory in Imperial College was established by Winston. The primary objective is to promote science.

Facts about Robert Winston 8: as a presenter

Winston is also noted as a presenter. There are many BBC TV series presented by Winston such as The Secret Life of Twins and Your Life in Their Hands.

Facts about Robert Winston

Facts about Robert Winston

Facts about Robert Winston 9: The Story of God

The Story of God is also presented by Winston. It talks more about the religious beliefs and their development.

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Facts about Robert Winston 10: politicians

People also recognize him as a politician. Do you know that he talks much about art, medicine, sciences and education in the House of Lords?

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