10 Facts about Rocinha Favela

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Facts about Rocinha Favela present the information about the largest favela in Brazil. Have you ever visited Brazil before? You just have to reach the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro to reach Rocinha Favela. The location is between São Conrado and Gávea districts. The location of this favela is overlooking the city of Rio since it sits on the steep hillside. It sets near the beach. Many trees can be found along the favela in Brazil because of its location on the steep hill. Get other interesting facts about Rocinha Favela by reading the following post below:

Facts about Rocinha Favela 1: population

Rocinha Favela takes the record as the most populous favela in the country because it was inhabited by almost 70,000 people according to the census in 2010.

Facts about Rocinha Favela 2: classification

Rocinha is often called as a favela. Actually, the official classification of Rocinha is as a neighborhood. The development of Rocinha Favela is as an urbanized slum from a shantytown.

Facts about Rocinha Favela

Facts about Rocinha Favela

Facts about Rocinha Favela 3: the houses

Brick and concrete are the two most common materials, which build the houses in the community. Most houses feature basic electricity, plumbing and sanitation. Some of them have three and four stories.

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Facts about Rocinha Favela 4: favela neighborhood

Rocinha Favela is often called as favela neighborhood or favela bairro due to the development on the infrastructures and businesses. It is very different from the common slums and simple shantytown because businesses are flourished here. You can spot bust routes, banks, cable TV, a McDonald franchise, TV ROC and medicine stores in the neighborhood.

Facts about Rocinha Favela 5: the tourism oriented activities

The tourism-oriented activities are also developed in the favela. People are interested to enjoy and see the people who live in the favela directly. That is why; you can find guided tours, nightclubs and hostels along the favela.

Rocinha Favela Facts

Rocinha Favela Facts

Facts about Rocinha Favela 6: the number of tourists

The slum had been visited by around 150 to 600 tourists per day in September 2017.

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Facts about Rocinha Favela 7: safety warning

Safety warning has been announced by the government related to the tourism-oriented activities in the slum.

Facts about Rocinha Favela 8: the death of a Spanish tourist

During a turf war, a police shot a Spanish tourist in October 2017. Amigos dos Amigos controls this favela.

Rocinha Favela

Rocinha Favela

Facts about Rocinha Favela 9: community organization

The nonprofit education and cultural institutions work in Amigos dos Amigos. Many service workers dedicate themselves to increase the quality of life of the people in the community.

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Facts about Rocinha Favela 10: police and military operation

Rocinha was patrolled by hundreds of police and military in November 2011 to find out the drug dealers. Rogério da Silva was a noted drug kingpin who was arrested in December 2017 in the neighborhood. He was mostly known as Rogério 157. The government had to use 3,000 members of Brazilian police and military.

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