10 Facts about Rock Lee

Post On: August 10, 2018

Are you a fan of Naruto? One of the important characters in the anime and manga series is Rock Lee. This fictional character will be explained on Facts about Rock Lee. Masashi Kishimoto is the creator of Rock Lee. At first, Kishimoto wanted to show human weakness on Lee’s character. However, Kishimoto considered Lee as his favorite one. He was a member of Team Guy along with Might Guy, Tenten, and Neji Hyuga. The team is led by Might Guy. Lee only uses taijutsu because he cannot use any ninja techniques. Even though he has an inability to use ninja technique, he still wants to become a wonderful ninja. Let us find out other interesting facts about Rock Lee below:

Facts about Rock Lee 1: the appearances

Rock Lee has appeared in a number of Naruto series and media. You can spot him in various Naturo video games. You can also spot Rock Lee in the third original video animation. The appearance of Lee is also seen in the third and fourth features of Naruto series. Have you watched Naruto series or movies before?

Facts about Rock Lee 2: the popularity of Lee’s character

Lee’s character is considered as the popular one in Naruto series because many publications of manga and animal have their comment about Lee.

Facts about Rock Lee

Facts about Rock Lee

Facts about Rock Lee 3: comparison

The character of Rock Lee is often compared to Noel Gallagher. Bruce Lee is also compared to Rock Lee. He was called as the goofiest looking character by Anime News Network. There is no need to wonder that many polls place Lee as the most popular one. The plush the dolls and figures of Lee are also available in the market.

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Facts about Rock Lee 4: drawing

The creator of Naruto, Kishimoto stated he liked drawing Rock Lee more than any other characters in an interview.

Facts about Rock Lee 5: the design of Rock Lee

When Rock Lee was first designed by Kishimoto, he wanted the character to have many types of weapons. However, he could do it due to the time constraint.

Rock Lee

Rock Lee

Facts about Rock Lee 6: high level of popularity

Rock had high level of popularity, which made Kishimoto as the creator very surprised.

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Facts about Rock Lee 7: promotional artwork

Rock Lee is often spotted on the posters of the promotional artwork of Naruto due to his amazing popularity.

Facts about Rock Lee 8: the changing appearance of Lee

The skin of Rock Lee will turn into red after Rock Lee opens his chakra gates. The taijutsu techniques of Lee will be improved in speed and power.

Rock Lee Pic

Rock Lee Pic

Facts about Rock Lee 9: impressive power

He believed that passion and hard work would surpass natural talents. Neji Hyuga who is considered as a genius person has been defeated by Lee.

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Facts about Rock Lee 10: Naruto video game

If you want to play the character of Rock Lee in the video games, you can check Ultimate Ninja series and Clash of Ninja series.

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