10 Facts about Rockefeller Center

Post On: August 13, 2018

Facts about Rockefeller Center talk about a large complex located in New York City. If you visit United States, you have to go to New York City and enjoy the wonderful view of Rockefeller Center. The magnificent building faces the Fifth Avenue. The exact location is between the 48th and 51st Streets. It covers the 89,000-meter square or 22 acres of area. This complex has 19 buildings. The Rockefeller family commissioned the construction of Rockefeller Center. Rockefeller Plaza divides the 14 original Art Deco buildings in the complex. Later, the complex was added with five international styled buildings. You can spot them at the north end of Rockefeller Plaza. If you want to know more about the Rockefeller Center, check the following post below:

Facts about Rockefeller Center 1: John D. Rockefeller Jr.

Have you ever heard about John D. Rockefeller Jr.? He was considered as the primary person behind the construction of Rockefeller Center. The land was leased to him by Columbia University as the former owner in 1928.

Facts about Rockefeller Center 2: the beginning of the construction

In 1931, Rockefeller Center was constructed. In 1933, the first building in the complex was opened. In 1939, the completion of the complex core was finished.

Rockefeller Center Image

Rockefeller Center Image

Facts about Rockefeller Center 3: the major parts of Rockefeller Center

If you look at the picture of Rockefeller Center, do you know the major divisions of the building? It consists of the original center and the international styled building added in the later years.

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Facts about Rockefeller Center 4: the sections in the original center

If you visit the original center, you can find a number of sections here. You can spot various enterprises here such as Eastern Air Lines, Rockefeller Plaza, Music Hall and Radio City.

Facts about Rockefeller Center 5: 600 Fifth Avenue

In 1963, the buildings located in 600 Fifth Avenue were acquired by Rockefeller Center. Actually, they were constructed based on the private interest. Due to the similar architecture, they were acquired.

Rockefeller Center Facts

Rockefeller Center Facts

Facts about Rockefeller Center 6: the title

In 1987, Rockefeller Center took the title as National Historic Landmark. In 1985, it took the title as New York City Landmark. Actually, Rockefeller Center was considered as an ambitious project because it was constructed during the Great Depression Period in United States when economy was collapsed.

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Facts about Rockefeller Center 7: art

When you visit the original center, which contains the art deco architecture and style, you can spot various kinds of art works. It also houses an ice skating rink.

Facts about Rockefeller Center 8: the most notable feature

One of the most notable features in Rockefeller Center is the illumination from the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

Facts about Rockefeller Center

Facts about Rockefeller Center

Facts about Rockefeller Center 9: the location of the International Complex

The Fifth Avenue contains most of the International Complex of Rockefeller Center.

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Facts about Rockefeller Center 10: retail buildings

The international complex also features the retail buildings. They are designed with ground floor storefronts, roof garden and limestone facades.

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