10 Facts about Rocket League

Post On: August 13, 2018

Facts about Rocket League give the interesting information about the vehicle soccer video game. Psyonix is the publisher and developer of this video game. People love it much to play this video game. In July 2015, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 had this video released on their platform. Then the Nintendo Switch, Linux, macOS, and Xbox One had this video game. The physical retail version of Rocket League was distributed by 505 Games in June 2016. In the late 2017, the distribution was taken by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Let us find out other facts about Rocket League:

Facts about Rocket League 1: the number of players

The number of players in Rocket League is around one to four players depending on the mode. There will be two teams. During the match, the team should make point by hitting the ball into the goal of the opponent using the rocket-powered vehicles. That is why; this video game is called as rocket league.

Facts about Rocket League 2: the updates

You can change the core rules by having updates on the Rocket League. The new game modes are also available in the game. You can pick the one based on basketball or ice hockey.

Facts about Rocket League

Facts about Rocket League

Facts about Rocket League 3: sequel

Psyonix’s Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars has been released before Rocket League. The latter one is considered as the sequel of the former. It was released in 2008 for PlayStation 3.

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Facts about Rocket League 4: the reception of Battle-Cars game

Battle-Cars game was capable to gather a loyal fan base. However, it did not earn a major success. The reception was only mixed from the critics.

Facts about Rocket League 5: the development of Rocket League

Though Battle-Cars only earned mixed review, the developer was interested to create a sequel. In 2013, they began to develop Rocket League. The Battle-Cars was refined by noticing the input from the fans and criticism.

Rocket League Pic

Rocket League Pic

Facts about Rocket League 6: marketing the game

The developer also learned on how to market their new video game well since the Battle-Cars was not well marketed. They had promotions and social media to market the game.

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Facts about Rocket League 7: the reception

Rocket League was praised by the critics. The improvements were spotted in Rocket League spotted on the multiplayer mode and graphics. However, the physics engine was doubted by the critics.

Facts about Rocket League 8: the players

In the early 2018, Rocket League has collected at least 40 million players. The sales reached more than 6 millions. Moreover, the game also received many kinds of awards.

Rocket League

Rocket League

Facts about Rocket League 9: competition

Psyonix also launched a competition of Rocket League for the players. It is called RLCS or Rocket League Championship Series.

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Facts about Rocket League10: matches

The match in Rocket League usually takes place for five minutes. It comes in two types of games according to the number of the players. You can do a multiplayer game or a single player game. The latter one is one-on-one game. The former one is the four-on-four games.

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