10 Facts about Rockfish

Post On: August 13, 2018

Learn more about the fish widely distributed in North Pacific on facts about rockfish. The biological name of the fish is Sebastes alutus. People also call it Pacific Ocean perch. You can spot the presence of rockfish in Bering Sea, Japan, Pacific Rim, and Southern California. Rockfish is also known for its various names such as red perch, Red bream, Rose fish and Pacific rockfish. Some of their names are earned due to the fish color. According to Allen and Smith published in 1988, Gulf of Alaska, northern British Columbia and Aleutian Islands have the most species of rockfish. Let us find out other interesting facts about rockfish below:

Facts about Rockfish 1: where to find the adult rockfish?

If you are interested to spot the presence of the adult rockfish, you can go to the depth of 150 to 420 meters on the upper continental slope or outer continental shelf. Many investigators notice that the seasons play an important role in the depth distribution of rockfish.

Facts about Rockfish 2: the summer season

Rockfish can be found in the depth of 150 to 300 meters during the summer season. The depth is shallower during the season.

Rockfish Color

Rockfish Color

Facts about Rockfish 3: the fall season

The rockfish prefers to stay in the deep of 300 to 420 meters when the fall season comes. They decided to do offshore migration. They will go for shallower depth when the summer season comes. The winter spawning and summer feeding are important in influencing the seasonal pattern of rockfish.

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Facts about Rockfish 4: feeding

The feeding time for rockfish occurs during the night when they decide to go off bottom.

Facts about Rockfish 5: the history

Many scientists do not know much about the life history of rockfish. They have more knowledge about the other rockfish species.

Rockfish Facts

Rockfish Facts

Facts about Rockfish 6: viviparous

The mother only gives some nourishment for the eggs developed internally in the mother. The live young will be released. The internal fertilization will take place after insemination happens during the fall season. Actually, the fertilization will take place two months after insemination process. In April to May, the larvae will be released. This process is called parturition.

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Facts about Rockfish 7: the foods for juveniles of rockfish

The euphausiids, copepods and calanoid are the primary foods for the juveniles of rockfish. The former one is considered as the main food for the adult rockfish.

Facts about Rockfish 8: predators

Sperm Wales, pacific halibut and sablefish are considered the common predators for rockfish. Seabird is considered as the common predator for juveniles of rockfish.

Facts about Rockfish

Facts about Rockfish

Facts about Rockfish 9: the growth of rockfish

The growth of rockfish is very slow. The natural mortality is in a low rate.

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Facts about Rockfish 10: commercial fishing

Overfishing took place before 1960s, which led into the declined population of the fish. The recovery program is available with conservative management measures. The annual stock reaches 26,000 tons in Alaska. The productivity of rockfish is high there.

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