10 Facts about Rockhampton

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Facts about Rockhampton give you much information about a city located in Queensland, Australia. It took the record as the fourth largest city in Queensland with the population of 80,665 people in June 2015. In Australia, it took the record as the 22nd largest city. Rockhampton is not a new city since the history could be traced back in 1858 when the proclamation of Rockhampton town took place. Rockhampton became the second largest port due to the influx of migrants who participated in the first North Australian Gold Rush. The first discovery of the gold was at Canoona. If you are interested to know more about Rockhampton, look at the following post below:

Facts about Rockhampton 1: the nickname

During the period of the first North Australian Gold Rush, Rockhampton took the title as the City of Three S. The Three S referred to Sin, Sweat and Sorrow.

Facts about Rockhampton 2: the architecture

Rockhampton was noted due to the Victorian architecture in most of the buildings. It is due to the gold rushes, which took place at Mount Morgan Mine with greater level of gold production.

Rockhampton Road

Rockhampton Road

Facts about Rockhampton 3: the present day economy in Rockhampton

Rockhampton has the role as the regional center for Central Queensland. The north areas of Rockhampton focus their economy on agriculture and industries.

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Facts about Rockhampton 4: tourism

Tourism is flourished in Rockhampton because of its amazing culture and history. If you love art, you have to visit Rockhampton Art Gallery. Rockhampton is also known as the hometown of the famous tennis player in the history, Rod Laver.

Facts about Rockhampton 5: the famous tourist destinations

If you are interested to visit Rockhampton, you need to catch a flight and arrive at Rockhampton Airport. Then you can go to various amazing destinations such as Mount Archer National Park, Capricorn Caves, Great Keppel Island and many more.

Flooding in Rockhampton

Flooding in Rockhampton

Facts about Rockhampton 6: the dominant industry in Central Queensland

The primary economy, which dominates Central Queensland, lies on the agricultural sector. It focuses on the cattle trade. When you go to the city, you can find the Big Bulls statues.

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Facts about Rockhampton 7: military

The presence of military in Rockhampton is not a new thing. The Western Street Army Barracks are close to the Rockhampton Airport. It is a home of the Australian Defence Force. The regular ground, amphibious, and air operation of military are often spotted on the Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area.

Facts about Rockhampton 8: the role of tourism

Tourism plays an important role to develop the economy of Rockhampton and its surrounding. The tourists will love to have an overnight stop before they visit Brisbane.

Facts about Rockhampton

Facts about Rockhampton

Facts about Rockhampton 9: the Capricorn Coast

If you are in Rockhampton, you just have to spend around 30 minutes on the street to reach the notable Capricorn Coast.

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Facts about Rockhampton 10: other impressive destinations for the tourists

Rockhampton Zoo, Rockhampton Botanic Gardens, Rockhampton Heritage Village, Fitzroy River, and Dreamtime Cultural Centre are some amazing destinations to visit when you are in Rockhampton.

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