10 Facts about Rocks and Soils

Post On: August 10, 2018

Facts about Rocks and Soils inform the readers about the organic matters, which support the organisms, which live on earth. We will talk about the rocks and soils at the same time. Materials that you can find in the soil include minerals, matters, liquids and gases. Pedosphere is considered as the body of soil on earth. Soil has a number of prominent functions. The first one is store the water. When the plant wants to grow well, it needs soil as the medium. The next function is as the medium for the organism to live. It is also functioned as a modifier for the earth’s atmosphere. If you are curious with the facts about rock and soil, check the following post below:

Facts about Rocks and Soils 1: the system of soils

Gases, liquids and solids are the common materials found in a three state system of soils.

Facts about Rocks and Soils 2: influences

There are a number of factors, which influence soil. Those include the original minerals, organism, and elevation, slope of terrain, orientation and climate. Soil faces a number of natural processes biologically, chemically and physically.

Facts about Rocks and Soils

Facts about Rocks and Soils

Facts about Rocks and Soils 3: the dry bulk density

Do you know the dry bulk density of the soil? It is measured between 1.1 and 1.6 gram per cm cubic. The soil particle density is measured between 2.6 and 2.7 gram per cm cubic.

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Facts about Rocks and Soils 4: science of soil

There are two primary branches of scientific studies of soil. Both are pedology and edaphology. The latter one focuses on the way soil influences the living organisms.

Facts about Rocks and Soils 5: rock

Rock is available in many forms and shapes. This natural substance may have one or more than one minerals. One example of the common rocks is granite. It has biotite, feldspar and quarts as the compositions. Rock is found on the lithosphere. It is the outer solid layer of our planet.

Rocks and Soils Facts

Rocks and Soils Facts

Facts about Rocks and Soils 6: the importance of rock

Rock is just as important as soil. The former one has been used in the human civilization throughout the history.

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Facts about Rocks and Soils 7: the major groups of rocks

The metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous are the three major types of rocks in the world. If you want to know more about rock, you need to study geology. The specific study about it is petrology.

Facts about Rocks and Soils 8: agriculture

Agriculture depends on the soils. The plants will get the nutrients hidden from the soils. The type of plants, which can be cultivated in a certain region depends on the type of soil.

Rocks and Soils

Rocks and Soils

Facts about Rocks and Soils 9: the importance of soil material

Landscape development, construction and mining industries depend on the presence of soil material.

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Facts about Rocks and Soils 10: the importance of soil in our environment

Soil also plays an important role in the environment because it can prevent drought and floods.

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