10 Facts about Rocksteady Music

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Let us get the interesting information about a musical genre from Jamaica on facts about Rocksteady music. You can trace back the origin of this music in 1966. It is considered as the precursor for reggae music. Moreover, Rocksteady music is considered as the successor of ska. For almost 2 years, this musical genre dominated the life of Jamaican people. Reggae was established due to the presence of Rocksteady music, which had been performed by many artists in Jamaica. Here are other useful facts about Rocksteady music to notice:

Facts about Rocksteady Music 1: the famous artists

The Gaylads, The Righteous Flames and The Techniques were some harmony groups who popularized the Rocksteady music. The famous singers who also increased the popularity of this genre included Roy Shirley, Phyllis Dillon, and Delroy Wilson.

Facts about Rocksteady Music 2: the term Rocksteady music

Alton Ellis was the singer of a song with the title ‘Rocksteady’. It was used to call this musical genre due to the new sound of the song, which went well with the popular slower dance style.

Rocksteady Music

Rocksteady Music

Facts about Rocksteady Music 3: the international base reggae fans

The international base reggae fans still love the musical genre because some Rocksteady songs were popular in the country.

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Facts about Rocksteady Music 4: influence

Other musical genres heavily influenced Rocksteady music such as African music, R&B and Latin American drumming style. Ska is considered as the element, which can be spotted in Rocksteady music.

Facts about Rocksteady Music 5: the musical instruments

The Rocksteady music often featured the basic offbeat pattern produced by the piano and guitar players.

Facts about Rocksteady Music

Facts about Rocksteady Music

Facts about Rocksteady Music 6: the themes of Rocksteady songs

Love was the common theme in Rocksteady music. It was popular as the theme due to the United States soul songs, which focused on love theme. “Minstrel and Queen” by The Impressions was covered by The Techniques as “Queen Majesty”.

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Facts about Rocksteady Music 7: other themes of Rocksteady songs

Rastafari movements and religions were the two other themes found in Rocksteady music. However, the former one had major influence in reggae music more than Rocksteady music. The reflection of the movement could found in “No Good Rudie” by Justin Hinds & the Dominoes and “Rude Boy Gone A Jail” by The Clarendonians. You can also spot crying theme in the music.

Facts about Rocksteady Music 8: a short-lived popularity

If you think that Rocksteady music had prolonged popularity, you are very wrong. It only lasted for two years until 1968.

Rocksteady Music Facts

Rocksteady Music Facts

Facts about Rocksteady Music 9: during the heyday of the musical genre

The urban ghettos in Jamaican countryside would be flooded with young people who wanted to see the performance of Rocksteady music.

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Facts about Rocksteady Music 10: the famous Rocksteady songs

Some of the famous Rocksteady songs include “Hold Them” by Roy Shirley, “Tougher Than Tough” by Derrick Morgan, “Girl I’ve Got a Date” by Alton Ellis and “Take It Easy” by Hopeton Lewis. The third singer is considered as the father of Rocksteady music.

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