10 Facts about Rocky Shores

Post On: August 11, 2018

Facts about Rocky Shores inform the readers with the intertidal area of seacoast. If you visit the rocky shores, you will find many rocks just as its name suggests. The people who want to study the biological processes and intertidal ecology often come to the rocky shores to conduct their study. There is no need to wonder that it took the title as the natural laboratory for them. The environment in the rocky shores is totally rich since it is a home to many living organisms. The species, which live in the rocky shores, are mostly known by the people due to its easy accessibility. Let us find out other interesting facts about Rocky Shores:

Facts about Rocky Shores 1: the survival rate of life

The survival rate for the living organisms, which live in the rock shores, is higher because of some factors. The availability of nutrients in the rocky shores is high due to the waves and convection on the temperate coastal waters. When the tide occurs, the broken organic matters and planktons will be brought by the sea to the rocky shores.

Facts about Rocky Shores 2: algae and seaweed

The presence of algae and seaweed is high in the rocky shores because of the higher level of nutrients and sunlight. The location of rocky shores is not deep.

Rocky Shores Pic

Rocky Shores Pic

Facts about Rocky Shores 3: challenges

Though rocky shore ecosystem is filled with many nutrients, the living organism also face a number of challenges related to the general stress, wave exposure, salinity, and high temperature.

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Facts about Rocky Shores 4: dehydration

Dehydration will be faced by the living organisms in the rocky shores when desiccation takes place. It occurs during the low tide. However, some living room organisms can tackle dehydration because they have prevention.

Facts about Rocky Shores 5: the strong waves

The prevention against the strong wave is also spotted on some organisms. They usually use holdfasts and shells.

Rocky Shores Facts

Rocky Shores Facts

Facts about Rocky Shores 6: other threats to living organisms

The other threats to living organisms, which live in the rocky shores, include the negative effect of pollutions, changes of salinity level, and predation.

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Facts about Rocky Shores 7: The Ballantine Scale

Have you ever heard about the Ballantine Scale? It is used to measure the exposure level of wave action on a rocky shore. W. J. Ballantine created the scale in 1961.

Facts about Rocky Shores 8: different zones

Rocky shore has different zones, which become the home of various algae and animals.

Facts about Rocky Shores

Facts about Rocky Shores

Facts about Rocky Shores 9: pollution

Pollution is the primary problem in the rocky shore. Oil spill is considered as the most common form of pollution. The Torrey Canyon spill is considered as the most notable type of spill in the rocky shore. Other prominent spills are Exxon Valdez spill in Prince William Sound and Amoco Cadiz spill.

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Facts about Rocky Shores 10: garbage

Metals and plastics are some of the garbage, which can be found mostly on the rocky shores. The tourists who come to the rocky shores feel bad about them.

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