10 Facts about Rod Serling

Post On: August 14, 2018

Find out the interesting information about the notable American screenwriter on facts about Rod Serling. He was born 25th December 1924 and died on 28th June 1975. His full name is Rodman Edward Serling. He also had other occupations. People recognized him as a narrator, TV producer and playwright. The Twilight Zone is considered as the most famous science fiction anthology TV series of Serling. In 1950s, Serling was known for his work in TV dramas. The television industry standards were partly formed because of Serling’s involvement in both on and off screen. Let us check the whole post below for details about Rod Sterling.

Facts about Rod Serling 1: the nickname

Serling often had argument and disagreements with the sponsors and TV executives on various issues such as war, racism and censorship. That is why he earned the title as the angry young man.

Facts about Rod Serling 2: the war effort

Serling was known as a supporter of war effort since he wanted the fellow students in his high school to support it too. At that time, he became the editor for the high school newspaper. Serling was interested to join the war. Therefore, he wanted to leave school before he graduated. However, he was reminded by his civics teacher that war was temporary, while education was not. He would need the degree after the war. In the morning after the graduation of his high school, he joined the United States Army along with his brother Robert.

Rod Serling

Rod Serling

Facts about Rod Serling 3: the military career

Serling was in the 511th Parachute Infantry Regiments of 11th Airborne Division at Camp Toccoa, Georgia in 1943.

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Facts about Rod Serling 4: boxing

Serling played boxing when he was in the military to express his aggression. He earned 17 bouts.

Facts about Rod Serling 5: combat

Serling was in the first combat during his military career by landing in the Philippines in November 1944. During the Battle of Leyte, the division assumed the role as light infantry.

Rod Serling Facts

Rod Serling Facts

Facts about Rod Serling 6: the Death Squad

Serling was put in the Death Squad due to a number of reasons like being lost in the field, not following orders and exploring the field on his own.

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Facts about Rod Serling 7: the writing style of Serling

The experience of Serling in the combat in Leyte inspired him to create story. His books also reflected his political views.

Facts about Rod Serling 8: discharge from the army

In 1946, Serling left the army. While he tried to heal from the wound, Serling was hired by a rehabilitation hospital. The wound on the knee had not been fully recovered. For years, he had to deal with knee trouble.

Facts about Rod Serling

Facts about Rod Serling

Facts about Rod Serling 9: as a writer

Serling earned an accolade as a writer when he was still in the college. He won the annual scriptwriting contest with the prize of $500 and a trip to New York. His radio script was entitled To Live a Dream.

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Facts about Rod Serling 10: death

Serling passed away at the age of 50. His burial location is in Lake View Cemetery, New York.

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